Classic Albums: Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life by Ricaine



Apheresis of américain.


ricain m (feminine singular ricaine, masculine plural ricains, feminine plural ricaines)

  1. (slang, pejorative) Yank (an American)

Apparently I need to talk about 1996 a little bit more if yesterday’s post wasn’t too long and as requested need to name some great Aussie albums from that year. Subtitled because none was in that book if you don’t count the prince of darkness. So if I could re-edited which I wouldn’t mind to do really because first up I’ll like to point out if no one else has noticed the great total of Aussies acts in it is Cave: 5 + Bee Gees 2 + AC/DC 2 + The Saints 1 + The Triffids 1 + The Avalanches 1 = 12 out of 1001 albums but sorry that’s piss poor selection. So now with a little push I’m gonna be adding a set of about three or four of my fave albums from that year now, all you have to do is ask and I’m off and running!

So here’s one of a lot of totally underrated Aussie 90’S indie music but Ricaine could be one of the most under because you had to be there in the sweaty pubs to see them live and it was the best way to experience this band or in this day and age of streaming stuff you have to turn it up as loud as you can. It’s not really the same thing these songs need a full PA behind them but what can you do. I jumped at the chance to see them live every time I could, they were that great. They even support Fugazi and Ian MacKaye who even came out after them and said “Do we have to follow that? They should be headlining the show and we should be just be going home now” or something, off course they didn’t but he was just paying respect to them because they could put on an epic show and set.

Maybe the main problem back in the 90’s, Australia was so far away for everything else but these days with the internet everyone can hear bands on the other side of the world straight away, I guess even now very old bands like this one too. Ricaine never got anywhere else other that those small pubs and gigs around Aussie venues and you had to be there to remember them. So some English music critic who’s editing a book years later are not going to included some band like this. So I guess it’s pointless but I’ll highlight them here and if even one new fan appears for this little blog post that’s kind-of cool. I don’t know if anyone else would name it as a classic album because you really can’t find much about the band online but I’m just as an opinionated as anyone one else and I’ve had a two or three beers now so I don’t care!

Anyway this was the debut album from very early 1996, if you wanna a date it says Januany on the bandcamp page plus if you do buy it for $10 all the cash goes to Australian Asylum Seeker Resource Centre or if you still want a CD it’s at Rubber Records here.

So who out there remember Ricaine? Or who like it after a little listen here?

Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life Tracklist and times:

1. Out Of The Empty Quarter – 4:18
2. June 23rd – 3:23
3. The Failed Actor – 2:15
4. Judy’s Fence – 3:32
5. Even In Death – 5:43
6. 308 – 3:43
7. Contradictory Black Muzzle – 2:51
8.  Eyre Overland – 6:59
9. Meek – 4:09
10. Three From Three – 10:04


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my fave albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?



  1. 2am, can’t sleep and for some reason the song ‘Meek’ pops into my head. Random internet search and here I am. I was a huge Ricaine fan and like you would run to every (underage) gig I could, they blew my mind! Absolutely a classic album. Sadly yes they were terribly underrated, but for selfish reasons (sorry guys) I really do cherish the memories of seeing them live in small, intimate venues. So amazing live, you’ve reminded me of how lucky I am to have experienced it. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, i think the smaller and intimate are the greatest gigs but some reason most peeps like huge shows!
      Hope i did Ricaine good by my little post, glad you found it and cheers for leaving a reply Natalie 🙂


      1. You did do Ricaine good. We didn’t officially break up as a group… Might get together at some stage and play some old tunes. Long shot though. Good to hear some people still carry great memories of us to this day. Cheers. Tom.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh well, sorry only answering you last time with a smiley face but i never really know what the hell to say when band members who let me they looked at my thing about them? glad you dig it and yeah, they’re fans who remember plus i was hoping to intro new ones or something else? Good to know you guys might do something even if it’s a long shot! i wrote this post a while but as you can tell recently a couple of other fans have leaved comments on it and seems like a bit of growing interested, if you’ll like to know?


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