Wicked Songs: I’m Watching You by The Monks

I can’t believe I’m say the words NEW Monks song but it’s true! Here’s one and coming on June 23 we are getting five new tracks under the title Hamburg Recordings 1967. Thanks to Jack White’s Third Man Records which are the very last recordings by The Monks almost days before breaking up. Unbelievable if I can say it again, the record label has been given and to quote their website:

Fast forward to 2017, the crew here at Third Man, already huge fans, are presented with an honest-to God treasure trove of original Monks photos, newspaper clippings, business cards, letterhead, contracts, postcards and, yes, analog tapes, containing trailblazing, wild compositions completely unheard by public ears.

“I’m Watching You” would have been recorded on February 28th, 1967 at the same sessions that would produce the Monks’ final single “Love Can Tame the Wild” b/w “He Went Down to the Sea.” The remaining four songs were recorded after hours in the Top Ten Club later that year, just prior to the break-up of the band.

These songs have been unreleased for 50 years and are quite possibly the last music left to be heard by this legendary band.

Pre-order here too! 

Hamburg Recordings 1967 tracklist:

1. I’m Watching You
2. Julia
3. P.O. Box 3291
4. I Need U Shatzi
5. Yellow Grass

On my blog I have raved on about this band, called them the greatest band from the sixties last year, not that I would be the first to say that. My little Black Monk Time classic album post can be found here and if you wanna check out the English band called The Fall covering almost half dozen of their songs they’re all collected in this post too. I can’t wait for this release and I wanna know what else is in this treasure trove this label now has, is anything else coming maybe a Monk book or something like that would be great too?



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