Classic Albums: Hourly, Daily by You Am I

So next up from the year 1996 is You Am I‘s Hourly, Daily which came after two albums recorded in New York with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo as producer. They when home for the next record, literally this record is somewhat very loosely based on 24 hours in an Aussie suburb, somewhere location or could be anywhere in Australia. The album artwork photo is just like looking out a back window in your brick and tile home at all the other ones down the road. After the title track intro beginning the album with an album clock going off and finishing off with Moon Shines On Trubble and then the question of Who Takes Who Home? and then after a gap of silence comes Forget It Sister.

The singer-songwriter Tim Roger is the only rockstar who I can think of the top of my head who was born in Kalgoorlie, big mining town in the middle of the Western Australian desert. Andy Kent the bass player was from Wellington, New Zealand but met up with Tim in Canberra to form the band. Drummer Rusty Hopkins was from Perth W.A. too. Perth is just too small to make it big even back in early to mid-90’s, It really was only by the late 90’s some bands from the west made a bit bigger than before. You Am I was already a Melbourne band before anyone figure out two of them were from over here. I did meet Tim once, he said he liked my sunglasses too.


Tuesday the song has to be my fave from this album and great video clip too which is above sold me even more. Even wanted to bring the lawn mower inside once to cut the carpet, lucky someone stopped me.

In Australia this album is pretty much universally called a great and classic album with the book called 100 Best Australian Albums at number 55 plus that’s You Am I second appearance with 1995’s Hi Fi Way at number 8, if I was writing that book it would be around the other way but you know? Radio station double J celebrate it’s 20th year  anniversary last year with their classic album show and then having a documentary about the making of the record too. Sister radio station triple J in 2011 did a poll of Hottest 100 Australian albums and in both lists was strongly vote for with industry chart at number 4 and radio listeners charted it at number 26 too.

OK, gotta ask here and now, who else loves some You Am I too?

Hourly, Daily track listing and times:

1. Hourly, Daily – 4:23
2. Good Mornin’ – 4:12
3. Mr. Milk – 3:16
4. Soldiers – 2:31
5. Tuesday – 3:16
6. If We Can’t Get It Together – 2:33
7. Flag Fall $1.80 – 2:56
8. Wally Raffles – 3:18
9. Heavy Comfort – 2:18
10. Dead Letter Chorus – 2:36
11. Baby Clothes – 2:21
12. Someone Else’s Home – 2:15
13. Please Don’t Ask Me To Smile – 3:18
14. Moon Shines On Trubble – 3:34
15. Who Takes Who Home? – Forget It Sister (Hidden Track) – 9:22


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my fave albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?



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