Playlist: My Mixtapes #9 Another Clear TDK 90 with no writing again!

I’ve been AWOL for a couple of days here on my blog but I’m back now. Did anyone miss me? I’ve got part nine of mixtape project now for Tuesday’s night blog post. It’s been like week or more days since the last mixtape post so only a little gap really but here we go again!

Have you forgotten the drill by now or not? Get tape, put in deck, press play to listen to these songs:

Side A #1. Shane MacGowan – That Woman Got Me Drinking

Side A #2. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Talk About The Blues

Side A #3. You Am I – Trike 

Side A #4. Magic Dirt – My Pal

Side A #5. Another mystery to me, I think this is fifth track I don’t know now and once again don’t have any idea. It’s more like that a rap-rock thing that was popular style at the time but this one I don’t remember, it’s something but god knows what?

Side A #6. Rammstein – Du Riechst So Gut

Side A #7. The Mark Of Cain – Point Man

Side A #8. Johnny Cash – I Won’t Back Down 

Side A #9. Dirty Three –  Red

Side A #10. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – A Minor Place

Side A #11. Kim Salmon – New Kind Of Angle

 Side A #12. Morphine – Pulled Over The Car

Side B #1. Tendrils – Raw Feeling

Side B #2. The Tigers – Out In My Boat

Side B #3. Tricky – Poems 

Side B #4. Caspar Brötzmann & Page Hamilton – Zulitime

Side B #5. The Mark Of Cain – R&R (Apocalypse Mix)

OK, another song I’ve come across not on youtube but it’s a remix so do you even count that? So because you might have never have heard the original here it is.

Side B #6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Stranger Than Kindness

Side B #7. Portishead – Glory Box 

Side B #8. Neil Young – Deadman’s Final Guitar Solo 

It’s even more mid to late 90’s stuff mainly with Cave’s as the oldest track here. So what does everyone think of this mixtape?

The Mark Of Cain get featured image today because they have two tracks above. Three piece from Adelaide with the Scott brothers, Kim on the right closest to the camera and John center plus one of the dozen drummers on the left they had, sorry but I don’t know which one? Edit: TMOC twitter just told me it’s John Stanier, thanks guys!


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