Classic Albums: In A Bar, Under The Sea by dEUS

You’ve got to be your own dog, you know what I’m talking about? Your suppose to say yes, like a James Brown thing (laughing.)

So after the very short opening track I Don’t Mind Whatever Happens that’s how track two on album called Fell Off The Floor, Man begins and it’s just like a voice recording of dEUS band members talking to another one which leads into the song itself. I guess, if you could ever got Brown and Stooges together on one record this is what it might sound like, this is so damn groovy it’s impossible not to dance or at least tap your foot.

Today for my Wednesday’s post I’ve gone back to 1996 again for yet another great album which never really got huge like it should have but could it ever have? I don’t know but when I think back it’s one that come back to me, does anyone else feel the same way? Well, let me know?  After those three Aussie albums last week of the year in question, got three more for this week. Which will add up to the grand total of nine for this one year, I guess that might be a lot for just 12 months but it was a special time and these are the ones I remember the most and that’s what all my CA posts are kind-of about.

Anyone who’s never heard of dEUS they’re from Belgium but it’s sung in English. So at some point in all these CA posts I did say I was going to included my fave acts/albums from Europe but I’ve kind-of lost track of that now but I would have to they’re my fave Belgian band. I don’t know how big they got here in Australia but I discovery them somewhere, I think it was on rage TV show again. I don’t think they tour or at least not to Perth, W.A. because I’ve never seen them live but I still love them.

Tom Barman is the main songwriter but other band members have some songwriting credits here. In A Bar, Under The Sea was the second album and yet again it’s indie rock but it’s style is something like experimental rock, art rock, jazz rock etc. I don’t normally talk about the producer but he is Eric Drew Feldman, who most well known for being the keyboard and bass player for Captain Beefheart in the late seventies. Which if I had to name any band for the 90’s which was like Beefheart updated to that time it would have to be dEUS and maybe even did a better job at it, in some ways. It seems they’re not remember in the very same way, dEUS don’t seem to be on any great albums list but maybe I need to look a bit harder, might be just sick of doing that too. Does it really need to be?

Who else out there remember dEUS? Do like this album or is another a fave? Or is this your first time listening to them? Let me know what you about them?

In A Bar, Under The Sea track listing and times:

1. I Don’t Mind What Ever Happens – 0:46
2. Fell Off The Floor, Man – 5:13
3. Opening Night – 1:38
4. Theme From Turnpike – 5:46
5. Little Arithmetics – 4:30
6. Gimme The Heat – 7:38
7. Serpentine – 3:17
8. A Shocking Lack Thereof – 5:52
9. Supermarketsong – 1:56
10. Memory Of A Festival – 1:52
11. Guilty Pleasures – 4:23
12. Nine Threads – 3:34
13. Disappointed In The Sun – 6:03
14. For The Roses – 4:57
15. Wake Me Up Before I Sleep – 2:53


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my fave albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?


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