Remembering: Chris Cornell

I’ve heard the sad news of Chris passing away on the radio just finishing up work so I’ve just come home now. I’m looking up some fave tracks on youtube, might as well share them here on my blog with anyone else who would want a listen too plus it make easy if I wanna listen again too. These are my own picks, it’s my faves he’s sung on but off course it’s missing stuff and not included everything too. Soundgarden was the headliner for the very first Big Day Out festival I when too so I always have fond memories of them. I don’t think I’m going to write anymore now because it’s just a sad day but I’ve been listening to these songs tonight.

1. SoundgardenSup Pop Rock City

2. SoundgardenFopp

3. SoundgardenSmokestack Lightning

4. SoundgardenLoud Love

5. SoundgardenBig Dumb Sex

6. Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike

7. Alice In Chains ft. Chris Cornell – Right Turn

8. SoundgardenJesus Christ Pose

9. SoundgardenMind Riot

10. Johnny CashRusty Cage

 11. Chris CornellSeasons

12. SoundgardenBirth Ritual

13. M.A.C.C.Hey Baby

14. SoundgardenFell On Black Days

15. SoundgardenSpoonman

16. SoundgardenBlind Dogs

17. SoundgardenPretty Noose

18. SoundgardenTy Cobb

19. Chris CornellWave Goodbye

20. AudioslaveCochise

21. Mad SeasonLong Gone Day

22. Chris CornellNothing Compares 2 U

Sorry if I missed your fave track, 22 is a lot but maybe it’s not?

Most likely how I remember him the most, the iconic 1991 Jesus Christ Pose video clip.

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