Playlist: The Almost Endless Tracks That Inspired Nick Cave

So I’ve been AWOL from my blogging for a few weeks or something now but I’m still alive if anyone cares? Various boring reasons why which I will not bore anyone with details, OK?

Well, here comes yet another playlist from me, seems I’m doing a lot of them right now or was. Anyway over the last week or so the new Mojo magazine was announced with their July issue, yes I know it’s only just June but music magazines are one month ahead of everyone else, you know? Anyway Mojo have got Cave first big in-depth interview for what must over two or maybe three years now. I didn’t think he was going to bother with them anymore after saying he’s not going to do any last year with his then new album Skeleton Tree, it didn’t seem to hurt the sells or anything at all. too. Their have been some little tiny ones pop-up here and there over the last few months. I’ve not read this Mojo one, I might order directly because it takes forever to get to the shops in Australia, you can too from here. Tiny quote on there website is:

“I feel a real urgency that I need to make another record.”

Which he did say somewhere he wanted to start to write one after The Bad Seeds Aussie tour earlier this year, now with the new Best Of comp album and American tour started and Europe tour booked later this year too, the earliest a new Nick Cave & Bad Seeds album could come out is 2018 but still I can’t fucking wait!

In other Cave news, did you know? Him and his family are moving or have moved to L.A. this year too. He and The Bad Seeds have just started U.S.A. tour now in the last week and the ends dates are in L.A. so I guess he don’t have to fly home after the tour, this time. I guess he’s really is a big celebrity now and off course all celebrity’s move to L.A. in the end.

Anyway, today’s blog post for this Sunday night is going to be almost endless songs that have inspired the man, somewhat inspired by the free CD that comes with the said magazine. This is not the first comp CD of tracks that Cave likes, way back in the late 90’s an Aussie record label called Rubber Records did the very first one and even did a second volume too. A few others have popped up since then but today I’m digging around on youtube to find all the tracks I can possible think of, lucky you!

Avalanche by Leonard Cohen

Covered as the opening song on 1984 From Her to Eternity but re-recorded for the TV show Black Sails soundtrack in 2015, also Cave writes about first hearing the song as a teenage in his The Sick Bag Song book from 2015 too.

All The Gold In California by Gatlin Brothers

The original of the track from the TV show True Detective soundtrack.

Burning Hell by John Lee Hooker

The track sung by Cave from the new band called The Bootleggers for the soundtrack Lawless film.

Fire And Brimstone by Link Wray

The track sung by Mark Lanegan for Cave new band called The Bootleggers from the soundtrack Lawless film also Ralph Stanley did a version too.

Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

The track sung by Mark Lanegan for Cave new band called The Bootleggers from the soundtrack Lawless film also Ralph Stanley did a version too.

White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground

The track sung by Mark Lanegan for Cave new band called The Bootleggers from the soundtrack Lawless film also Ralph Stanley did a version too.

Snake Song by Townes Van Zandt 

The track sung by Emmylou Harris for Cave new band called The Bootleggers from the soundtrack Lawless film.

So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky by Grandaddy

The track sung by Emmylou Harris for Cave new band called The Bootleggers from the soundtrack Lawless film.

She’s Not There by The Zombies 

Cave and Neko Case sung a duet of this song for True Blood TV show soundtrack.

Soul Survivor by The Rolling Stones

The final track Bellringer Blues on the last Grinderman album has to be inspired by this Stones song, it’s also the final cut on Exile On Mainstreet album too.

Cortez The Killer by Neil Young

Could Grinderman’s Palaces Of Montezuma just be the sequel to Cortez The Killer?

The Crane Wife 3 by The Decemberists

Cave sung this track on one of a few collaboration with Marianne Faithfull.

Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull

Once in Mojo magazine I read Cave saying that Grinderman did this track for soundchecks before gigs but sadly it was never was recorded and released.

Grinder Man Blues by John Lee Hooker

The namesake of the side project where Cave finally learn to play guitar.

There’s No Night Out In The Jail by Chad Morgan

One of the only unreleased songs from B-Sides & Rarities comp album.

There Is A Happy Land by The Loraine Quartet

Opening song from the movie The Proposition is an old spiritual number.

Orpheus by The Walker Brothers

Cave would have to known this Walker Brother cut before he updated the tale himself.

Chinese Rock by Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers

The only song he named drop in his list like track There Goes My Beautiful World.

 I Feel So Good by J.B Lenoir 

The old blues number which The Bad Seeds re-did for Wim Wenders part of Martin Scorsese’s The Blues doco.

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

This George’s song was released as a single in the early 2000’s.

Let It Be by The Beatles

Both these Beatles tracks was covered for the I Am Sam movie soundtrack.

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams

First song Cave sung as duets with Johnny Cash.

Cindy by Pete Seeger

Second song Cave sung as duets with Johnny Cash.

Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

When Mick Harvey was doing his Gainsbourg covers in English and Cave ex-gf Anita Lane sung this one together in an album called Pink Elephants.

 I Threw It All Away by Bob Dylan

Cave asked Scott Walker to sing this classic on Aussie film soundtrack of the movie To Have And To Hold, also named it in Mojo magazine’s top 100 Dylan song list as his fave Dylan song ever.

Death Is Not The End by Bob Dylan

Final track of the Murder Ballads albums. Note: Can’t find it on youtube so that’s another cover of the song and not Dylan but Carl Broemel from the band My Morning Jacket.

 Henry Lee by Peggy Seeger  

Original song that he sung with PJ on Murder Ballads albums.

Stagger Lee by Mississippi John Hurt 

Original song that he added a lot motherfuckers on Murder Ballads albums.

Knoxville Girl by The Louvin Brothers

Almost all these MB songs are old Traditional tracks, this one appear on the B-side to Henry Lee single

King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O by Chubby Parker

Another B-side to Henry Lee single, also known as Frog Went A-Courting.

Down In The Willow Garden by The Everly Brothers

Trad. songs appear on B-side to his Wild Rose duet with Kylie, Conway Savage takes the lead vocal on that studio version, Cave somewhat just rewrote the song for the Kylie duet.

All The Pretty Little Horses by Odetta

Cave sung this one as the title track for the Current 93 album from around early 90’s. This kick started Cave children lullaby’s tracks which includes the opening song on Henry’s Dream album to some songs that didn’t make the cut on The Boatman’s Call album.

Sad Dark Eyes by The Loved Ones

Cave sung with Germany band Die Haut over the years, he covered this track with them on the live album called Sweat. Also Die Haut band Thomas Wydler played with before joining The Bad Seeds too.

Plain Gold Ring by Nina Simone

The one and only cover from Live Seeds album.

A Rainy Night In Soho by The Pogues

Cave sung this track as the B-Side Wonderful World single.

What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong 

Stand alone single which was a duet with Shane MacGowan.

The Big Hurt by Scott Walker

Yet another for movie soundtrack, this one was called Mojo but the film is not about that music magazine.

Tower Of Song by Leonard Cohen

The second main cover Cave’s done of Cohen, he’s sung even more covers on I’m Your Man comp album and even more at the shows which those comes from.

Helpless by Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Bad Seeds covered for yet another tribute album, this time a Neil Young one.

Kathie Cruel by Karen Dalton

The song that inspired When I First Came To Town song.

Another Man Done Gone by Odetta

The song that inspired The Good Son song.

Preachin’ Blues by Robert Johnson

The song that inspired Up Jumped The Devil song.

I’m Going To Run To The City Of Refuge by Blind Willie Johnnson

The song that inspired his City Of Refuge song.

Harlem by Suicide 

The only track ever named by both Nick and Mick, the songwriters as inspiring The Mercy Seat.

500 Miles by Peter Paul & Mary

Somewhere around here mid to late 80’s The Bad Seeds taken to playing this song live, it’s on bootlegs but never official released.

Long Time Man by Tim Rose

The last song that was covered on the Your Funeral … My Trial album.

Rye Whiskey by Tex Ritter

One of the only unreleased songs from B-Sides & Rarities comp album, outtake from Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Black Betty by Leadbelly

B-Side to The Singer single from the cover album Kicking Against The Pricks.

The Carnival Is Over by The Seekers

last track on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Jesus Met The Woman by Peter Paul & Mary

2nd last song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart by Gene Pitney

10th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Hammer Song by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

9th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

By The Time I Get To Phoenix by Glen Campbell 

8th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Bad Seed by Glen Campbell 

BTW on his late 60’s album which has Phoenix track as the title and opening song, did you know there is a song called Bad Seed too?

All Tomorrow’s Parties by The Velvet Underground

7th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

The Folk Singer by Johnny Cash

6th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down) by Tim Rose

5th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Long Black Veil by Johnny Cash

4th song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Sleeping Annaleah by Tom Jones

3rd song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

I’m Gonna Kill That Woman by John Lee Hooker 

2nd song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Muddy Water  by Phil Rosenthal

Opening song on the Kicking Against The Pricks album.

Wanted Man by Johnny Cash

Written by Bob Dylan for Cash and later rewritten by Cave.

Tupelo Blues by John Lee Hooker

Inspired Cave own song simply called Tupelo.

From Here To Eternity by Frank Sinatra

The track which is somewhat inspired the titled track from the debut Bad Seeds album.

In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley

The earliest Bad Seeds single.

I Put A Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Somewhere around the earliest version of The Bad Seeds taken to playing this song live, it’s on bootlegs but never official released. Years later Cave sung it with Shane MacGowan & Friends with all proceeded going towards Concern Worldwide’s work in Haiti.

Funhouse by The Stooges

Once The Birthday Party really got going they rarely did covers but on the only official live album this was covered as the final track.

 These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra

A very early The Boys Next Door single in the late 70’s was this song written by Lee Hazlewood. Now they did alot of covers around this time as a new band finding there way so I might skip them all because this is huge list already and this can be the last song on this playlist.

The magazine cover!

Anyway I might have missed something, tell me what have I’ve missed? But those are the ones that really pop into my head when I think about it. I don’t know, I haven’t counted up all these songs this time but it’s very long so I hope you enjoy this very long blog post tonight, whoever is out there looking?



  1. Welcome back William. This is a great list, full of songs I know, songs I don’t by people I know, and others I’ve heard of but never heard. I’ll work my way through. Thanks

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