Playlist: The Almost Endless & Random Nick Cave Rarities

So I’m just somewhat going to continue from the other day’s post and have back to back the prince of darkness. Today for Tuesday night is a long playlist maybe not as long as the other day but I don’t know which is the longest? Anyway it’s of hard to find stuff or maybe just somewhat forgotten stuff by him, that I can think of in the last couple of days and can find on youtube right now.

Right, what do I call rare? Well, if it’s not on a Grinderman or Bad Seeds album which included the comp album called B-Sides & Rarities so nothing from that too. Or soundtrack albums by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis which does included Lawless the various artists/The Bootleggers band one. Now last year I did do, if you have missed it? My fave covers done by the man, well it’s a top ten. Please check that out too because they are ten great songs missing here. I seem to have gave up doing those type of things and now I’ve just up ended everything else into this one post, I hope everyone enjoy as much as me?

Avalanche by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

The re-recorded version for Black Sails TV show in 2015, I’m crediting Warren here because he plays some very beautiful violin here and it’s always those two as a double team for any soundtracks work now. BTW if you want even more Cohen covers just click on this link.

Give Us A Kiss by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Outtake from Push The Sky Away album but released as 20,000 Days On Earth movie single in 2014.

Animal X by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 

Outtake from Push The Sky Away album too but released on Record Store Day in 2013.

Nobody’s City by Iggy Pop & Nick Cave feat. Thurston Moore

The third part of The Gun Club’s The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project albums called Axels & Sockets got together Iggy, Nick and Sonic Youth’s Thurston playing mad guitar solo.

Breaking Hands by Nick Cave & Deborah Harry 

The second part of  The Gun Club’s The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project albums called The Journey Is Long has my fave duet with Blondie’s Debbie Harry but all three volume has a Harry and Nick duet on them, you know?

The Water Song by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

From the theater production called Woyzeck.

Woyzeck by Nick Cave

Yet another one for theater production called Woyzeck.

The Ballad of Jesse James by Nick Cave

As sung and lifted from the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, surprising not recorded for the soundtrack album.

Home Sweet Home by Jarvis Cocker, Nick Cave, Shane MacGowan & Pete Doherty

As performed at Meltdown Festival 2007 from the Disney movie Lady & The Tramp, howl like dog guys.

I Put A Spell On You by Shane MacGowan & Friends

The first of two versions of this song in this playlist. He’s just a co-singer here like every one else.

You Man? Human??? by The Flaming Lips & Nick Cave

The first of two Lips and Cave collaboration on this playlist.

She’s Not There by Neko Case & Nick Cave

The soundtrack duet for the TV show called True Blood.

Star Charmer by Grinderman

B-side to Heathen Child, one of my faves by Grinderman but I guess it’s not very them.

Fleeting Love by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

B-Side to More News From Nowhere, his best ballad not on a Bad Seeds album.

The Farewell Song by Mick Harvey & Nick Cave 

Recorded for one of Mick’s movie soundtrack but must be one of the last the two of them recorded together too.

Just Like A King by Seasick Steve & Grinderman

This track was credited to Grinderman on Seasick album’s liner notes but it’s way more Steve’s blues that them, Nick duet vocals, Warren does play his fiddle and it’s Jim drumming.

Fire Down Below by Nick Cave

The best of the two tracks he did on a comp album called Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads Sea Song And Chanteys in the mid-2000’s which was kind-of tied into Johnny Depp’s Pirate movies but not the soundtracks, Depp did pay for the recording session too. Do I need to tell you what the song is about or can you guess?

 Song For Frank by Grinderman

My fave from two tracks by them on the soundtrack for Wim Wender’s Palermo Shooting movie. 

Desperanto by Marianne Faithfull & Grinderman

Now this was not credited to Cave’s side project at the time but if you do track it back this is their first recording session of that line-up and you can’t find a more Grinderman sounding song that set the whole thing in motion. Nick doesn’t sing here, it’s only Marianne on vocals. Both have worked together on three of her albums since then.

Disco 2000 (Pub Rock Version) by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Released on the Pulp’s Different Class deluxe edition which was much better that the other version they did release back at the time but it was the B-Side to Pulp’s song called Bad Cover Version.

John the Revelator by Nick Cave

On the Harry Smith Project: The Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited box set.

Mack The Knife by Nick Cave

On the album September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill.

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Johnny Cash & Nick Cave

Hank Williams cover on Johnny’s American IV: The Man Comes Around album.

Let It Be by Nick Cave

The Beatles cover on the I Am Sam soundtrack.

To Be By Your Side by Nick Cave

Early 2000’s song from a doco about birds so it even includes geese calls in the track too.

Sunday Morning by Chris Coco & Nick Cave

Right if Nick did need to prove he’s a Lou Reed, Nico and Velvet Underground fan more. Here’s one he did in between Bad Seeds 80’s cover album Kicking Against The Pricks and Lawless 2010’s soundtrack that’s full of covers, sung for Chris Coco somewhere around 2000’s

All the Pretty Little Horses by Current 93 & Nick Cave

 Cave sung this little ditty with Current 93 in 1996.

I Love You… Nor Do I by Anita Lane & Nick Cave

On one of four Mick Harvey’s Serge Gainsbourg translated to English albums.

The Sweetest Embrace by Barry Adamson & Nick Cave

Nick and Barry had a mini reunion on his 90’s album before re-joined The Bad Seeds for Push The Sky Away album.

The Big Hurt by Nick Cave & Gallon Drunk

On the Mojo movie soundtrack from late 90’s. It’s said it was a cover of an old Scott Walker song but Scott was covering it back in the 60’s when he did it too.

There Is A Light by Nick Cave & James Johnston

On the Batman Forever movie soundtrack from late 90’s too. Nick was asked to write a song what Batman means to him and this is what he came up with, later he did say somewhere Batman don’t mean a fucking thing to me so that’s what I did. He worked with the Gallon Drunk’s James Johnston who did the music on it and he later in 2004 to 2008 joined The Bad Seeds too.

What A Wonderful World by The Flaming Lips & Nick Cave

A live recording and little bit different to the Shane MacGowan studio verison, the tour Wayne is talking about is Lollapalooza 94.

I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) by Die Haut & Nick Cave

Yet another cover the original this song was sung by Kenny Rogers, you know?

Cindy by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick when on to re-record this song as a duet with Johnny Cash but here’s The Bad Seeds take.

Sad Dark Eyes by Die Haut & Nick Cave

Early 90’s live recording of cover by the old Aussie band The Loved Ones.

500 Miles by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

Must be around late 80’s because that the time which Bad Seeds did there first Brazil tour and then off course when on to recorded The Good Son album there too.

Truck Love by Die Haut & Nick Cave

My fave from a few songs written and recording from an early 80’s album with Die Haut called Burnin’ The Ice.

I Put A Spell On You by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Yet another version of this Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song by early Bad Seeds line-up from around mid-80’s with the craziest guitar solo by Hugo Race which almost takes up the whole song.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Finishing up with a Bob Dylan cover performed by early Bad Seeds line-up from around mid-80’s. I’ve leave The Birthday Party/The Boys Next Door out tonight.

So do you have some fave Cave rarities too? Or just one? Was it above? Did I included or missed it? What is it?

I picked out this old 80’s photo of Nick in green suit as the featured image because I used a very new photo on the last post so go with the opposite tonight. I think it was this pic I read somewhere once he used it on his passport then but don’t quote me on than, OK?



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