Wicked Songs: Garage Liddiard by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

So here’s a Friday arvo post, still trying to get back into this blogging thing but not been a total success. Anyway here’s a song and then the album too. This still got to be my fave Gizz song, even with like ten albums or something since then.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard seem to have been becoming very big oversea right now and why not? They’re a fucking amazing live band, go and see them if you can. I do like to say I remember seeing them in small sweaty Aussie pub gigs before the now bigger shows, their own festival and etc. I would say the debut album is still my fave one too. So I might as well included the whole album which this track is from because, well why the hell not? The album is named 12 Bar Bruise from the year 2012 and is so very perfect title for it too, enjoy!

So it the week or two ago when I wasn’t blogging, the name sake of this above track aka Gareth Liddarid from The Drones or the bloke in the photo drinking the beer announced his NEW band called Tropical Fuck Storm or TFS for short. Named after the record label that Gaz and Fi started in the last year or two to put out new or reissues of The Drones albums. Now I have to say I don’t why a new band title is so important because really a long time fan like myself can tell you it’s always been Fi on bass guitar and Gaz writing the songs and playing lead guitar and pretty much over the last seven album by The Drones they had different players on second guitar, keyboards and the drums. I guess it’s come down to mainly two different drummers and two different guitars players. With Chriso rejoining on drums the line-up on the last album after missing three albums with Mike playing on those ones. Dan been on the last three or four albums in some way or another and then it was Rui on the early albums too. Now when Gaz made his solo album, it was a good idea calling it Gareth Liddarid album because he was the only one playing on it, in the true meaning of the word. I don’t know why they, Gaz and Fi didn’t just say to Dan and Chriso have a year off and come back then we are getting in some new players this year to mix it up a bit or something? Maybe it’s easy saying your forming a whole new band, Gaz did say he wanted to play with some new people but I don’t know how musos work really, never been one myself just love listening to music, I guess. Now an intro to the new players and they own work too. Lauren Hammel from High Tension on drums and Erica Dunn from Harmony and Palm Springs playing guitars, keys and other gadgets.

Anyway the new Tropical Fuck Storm band are supporting some shows on the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard USA tour in a couple of months, oh and Band Of Horses too. Which is pretty funny because the very first time seeing Gizz was just before they released the above album and was supporting The Drones on the I See Seaweed album tour too. I did see the Gizz on the next two times straight when they visited the west coast of Australia then as the main headlining act but at those small pub gigs too. If you are in America I highly recommend going to the show/s if you can!

Tropical Fuck Storm, the new band from left to right: Fiona Kitschin, Gareth Liddiard, Lauren Hammel and Erica Dunn.

Do you have a fave King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard song? Or would it have to be an album? Why not let me know? Why not leave a reply?



  1. Cool track. Nonagon Infinity is my fave album so far, but I’m pretty new to these guys. A mate shouted me tix to the tour for it, and they were indeed amazing. It was a packed gig at The Gov in Adelaide. I find it pretty interesting that all the kids are into psych-rock these days. Keen to hear what this TFS business is all about as well.

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    1. Cool man and nice pick! Lucky you and yeah the kids love them and psych-rock too!
      I haven’t yet listen to the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum album, just got the last Swans live album in the mail today so that’s taking all my time right now, maybe tomorrow.
      How was your trip?


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