Playlist: Every Nick Cave American Late Show Performs

Well it’s double whammy today on my blog, lucky you and everyone else who does read/look at this thingy! So earlier this week Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds popped up on American network TV’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert. So I when digging around to find all the older ones he’s done. I might be wrong but I don’t he did anything or it’s been almost ten year since Cave was last on this late night American TV show. He’s didn’t play everything while on the Push The Sky album in 2013/4 or Dig Lazarus Dig album in 2008/9 and it was the Grinderman album in 2008 was the very last time we did seen him on it. Now I’m not a big fan of these type of shows but do keep up with what Mr. Cave is up to so don’t quote me but I can’t seem to find it if he he did, I remember just watch those older ones just for the fact he was on it. Oh god David Letterman was so boring, he wasn’t even funny or I didn’t find him so and you had to sit thought all his rubbish to see one song at the end of the TV show. I guess, I’m an Aussie so it’s not the crowd they’re aiming at but we did all these down here on Aussie TV too.

Anyway starting with the newest performs just this week. Now I found the pick of Rings Of Saturn amazing because it’s been missing from the doco film One More Time With Feeling last year and only played it live twice on this American tour, the week or so earlier before this. It’s only song from the eight tracks on new album that’s not on the setlist every night on this tour so far but maybe this will change now. Before that Grinderman kicked ass with Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars), solo Cave and piano hammered away at  The Mercy Seat, The Saints Chris Bailey joined them for Bring It On which was the first time the full Bad Seeds line-up appeared on the show. It’s was Jay Leno’s Tonight Show the year before that had Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds had his/their debut American network TV performs so I just had to included it plus wait for it after the song 15 Feet Of Pure White Snow is finished another great Aussie, Dame Edna Everage runs up and hugs Cave. Amazing it’s taken that long for The Bad Seeds to make it on USA TV so that’s 2002 and 2003 which is No More Shall We Part album and then Nocturama album, this an important time for them because that would be Blixa Bargeld‘s last American tour with The Bad Seeds. He did record the album Nocturama but that would be the very time last thing he did as a Bad Seeds member. Anyway before that Cave appeared a few members of The Bad Seeds band and also some that are not in his first few times on the show. Love Letter from No More Shall We Part album he’s singing with Kate & Anna McGarrigle who did sing on the album too. Warren Ellis off course a Bad Seed but drummer is Jim White, for Ellis’ old band Dirty Three and that’s Susan Stenger from the Band Of Susans on bass guitar too, was kind-off he line-up Cave played with before that album for maybe a year or so on tour. Into My Arms from The Boatman’s Call album was next but that’s the very first Best Of comp album from 1998 with Bad Seeds bassist Marty and drummer Jim playing there and the debut performs was with Mick and the house band in 1993 doing Henry’s Dream album track I Had a Dream Joe. So yeah, as far as I remember he didn’t came back for 1994’s Let Love In album or 1996’s Murder Ballads album to play the TV show. So it’s only eight songs today but I hope you enjoy it?

Rings Of Saturn by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 2017:

Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars) by Grinderman in 2008:

The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave in 2004:

Bring It On by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Chris Bailey in 2003:

15 Feet Of Pure White Snow by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 2002:

Love Letter by Nick Cave with Warren Ellis, Jim White, Susan Stenger, Kate & Anna McGarrigle in 2001:

Into My Arms by Nick Cave, Marty P. Casey & Jim Sclavunos in 1998:

I Had a Dream Joe by Nick Cave & Mick Harvey with the Late Show house band in 1993:

Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 1994:

Now adding track nine performing on Conan O’Brien while on the Lollapalooza tour.

Nick Cave and George Vjestica (left) on the Late Show 13/6/17.

So I’ve been pretty slack this past month with my blog posts, who wants me to get back into to a bit more? I’ll try to really get back into my blogging again and see if I can do my once a day posts too, cheers!



    1. WOW! Cool one man, I’ve not seen that one before. What’s the show and who’s that guy hosting again? I’m not really up on my USA late night TV and hosts really, being an Aussie and everything. I don’t think we ever got that one down here maybe why I missed it. Oh it says right at the end of the clip but I’ve missed it.

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      1. The show is “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, who is now doing his thing on cable television in the States. He had a great run with lots of alternative artists who performed, over the years…. one of the few places where you could see such people, other than MTV, back in the day. I’ve got a lot of select performances from that show, on my channel. Have a look, when time permits, and feel free to let me know if you have more questions. Love your posts, especially since we ‘Muricans didn’t get to see/hear too many Aussie artists, unless we sought them out [and not much has changed, in the meantime, either]. Cheers!

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