New Music: Gargoyle by Mark Lanegan Band

Making it official today by posting this for my Saturday’s blog post. This album would be my fave one of this year, so far. We are now six months into 2017 so it’s half way point. I’ve not been the greatest blogger for new albums lately or never been really but do love this one. I guess I did rave on about Holly Throsby new album earlier, maybe they could have a boxing match and see who wins. Oh no, that’s a bit too macho and aggressive so what’s something really feminine? Getting your nails done or something but I’ve most likely too far the other way now. So maybe both could paint boxing gloves with nail polish and see who’s best at that? Anyway what I’m saying is both Holly and Mark albums I would rated as my top two albums of this years first half. Gargoyle was released on April 28th so I’m like two months or something late with my little write-up here.

Mark Lanegan just seems to get better and better with each album, his newest ones are some of his best of his very long back catalog. Singing and performing since late 80’s and early 90’s in Seattle grunge scene. I loved when he added the electronic part to his music over the last couple of albums, not just doing the straight up rock music anymore. This album is a bit of a collaboration with both Alain Johannes and Rod Marshall plus Greg Dulli and Josh Homme make cameos too. Dulli on two of my faves of all of them with BV on the opening track and acoustic guitar and Moog on Beehive which could be my fave video clip so far of the year too. Ex-Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. Jack Irons plays drums on almost half the tracks too. Duke Garwood reunite with Mark on the beautiful track called Sister at the half way point of the album.

I’m going to miss Mark Lanegan on his upcoming Aussie tour which is only three gigs, all over east too. Anyway it’s a total killer album and comes very highly recommend by me, if that means anything at all to anyone out there!

Gargoyle track listing and times:

1. Death’s Head Tattoo – 4:21
2. Nocturne – 4:23
3. Blue Blue Sea – 3:24
4. Beehive – 3:49
5. Sister – 5:04
6. Emperor – 3:37
7. Goodbye To Beauty – 3:16
8. Drunk On Destruction – 3:25
9. First Day Of Winter – 3:28
10. Old Swan – 6:31

Now because I’m so late with this post I can also included the nine minute remix too!


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