New Music: 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth by Jesu/Sun Kil Moon


I wrote that note and gave it to you last year while on tour because I knew you were going to release four maybe even five pretty avenge even crap albums this year. Do you know? I fucking hate weak albums by you but Mark will be releasing weak albums by his 50’s just because he can. Mark sings I fucking hate wheat beard on the 17 minute song called, you guess it Wheat Bread and tell the listener on the almost 13 minute long track with the stupid title Bombs if you don’t like it go and play ping-pong.


So Mark that’s me just above playing ping-pong right now and I’ll keep playing ping-ping until you release another good album, it doesn’t have be great just good. I really should stop buying your albums until then? So fuck you Mark Kozelek, fuck you Sun Kil Moon, fuck you every other name/title your going to release an album under this year! It’s a fuck you but not a harsh type of fuck you all about this new Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album which no one needs to listen to both the Wheat Bread and Bombs songs, I can see what you are going for but really? This album is this my Wednesday blog post and I’ve edited the whole album down to just three songs now. I love you and not a hater but Mark I’ve followed your long career, I guess you’ve had some up and downs before but all your fans will piss off if you keep this up.

If you don’t know by now he’s got another six track album is coming by the end of this month, you can listen to a total pointless song called something like 10 Reasons Why I Love You here at this link. Also as well, if you don’t know yet? A couple of days ago news came of yet another new album coming on 7th of October, called simply Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye & Jim White and you guess it, it’s Mark, Ben and Jim together in recording studio doing god knows what? Whatever shit Mark written in his diary that week/month, it’s just getting silly now, do you know it is Mark Kozelek?

You Are Me and I Am You

Needles Disney

He’s Bad

So those three tracks above are my cuts from the nine song album 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth. To me on those three above he’s doing something a little different than what now has or is becoming his thing, like a one trick pony which is so disappointing for such a great songwriter. He’s always had such a high standard since the 90’s with his band Red House Painters then with Sun Kil Moon’s albums, his solo albums, the collaborative albums too and even up to last year’s debut Jesu/Sun Kil Moon which some really hated I didn’t mind it at all. But turning 50 this year, which is a recurring theme in almost all his 2017 lyrics really done something to him. It’s just like he’s said to himself his quality control now be thrown in the bin because I’m old now or how much rubbish can I release in one year or something, it’s way more filler that killer. I did pick out only four songs on the double album he released at the beginning of the year. So maybe when those next two coming albums come out I might have a few more tracks I really love that I could put into one playlist/blog post but really you should have just released one killer album yourself and not all these albums with mostly filler on them.

So the first song above You Are Me and I Am You is the opening song on this album and maybe he’s done something very, very close to this before but he doesn’t sing the word Dad until the end and is a cleave bit of writing. I really enjoy that one but then the song called Wheat Bread, I think the moral to that song is, don’t write and title a song after something you hate but have to eat because your 50. Needle Disney is next up and was released last year as the lead single to this then coming album. This is total genius songwriting, it’s a song about taking your junkie girlfriend to Disney Land and her dropping her needles all over the place, it is a totally jaw dropping great track. Next is his tribute to both Lou Reed and Muhammad Ail with The Greatest Conversation Ever In The History Of The Universe but then Donald Trump makes a cameo and fucks it all up, it was released last year too with an anti-Trump thingy. He’s Bad is Mark’s Micheal Jackson song and it could be some of the hashes stuff he’s every sung, if your Jackson fan you might not want to listen to that one but he’s just singing about what everyone knows about Micheal and yeah maybe this world better without him alive, we do still have his music if you wanna listen to it you know? Oh, that was also released last year too. Bombs is next, why didn’t whoever it is at the end of the song saying “it is getting a little too long” just say yeah Mark people might just go and play ping-pong if you put out shit like that, why don’t we shelve that one and while we are at it Wheat Bread too plus a bit of editing on some of the other might help too. Is Mark at this point in his life surrounded by yes men? 20 Something is yet another wasted of time and totally pointless song. Hello Chicago is his tribute to the filmmaker John Hughes and ending with A Dream Of Winter song which a bit of Xmas is coming type track and both are not bad but not good too, I guess.

It’s a up and down album for me, I don’t what to be totally negative about it but I can’t be that positive, I don’t what to throw a punch at Mark as he also sung about in Wheat Bread. I think what Kozelek needs most right now is an album producer or someone who can say to him: “OK, we will record it all Mark but we’re listening back to it all and we’re cutting out the shit like you singing about like what you and your girlfriend/band/friends did in Texas, New Orleans, New Zealand, Brighton, Holland, Poland, Arizona, Philadelphia, Chicago plus what you think about Thump can go and telling your fans/listeners to go and listen to Green Day or Bye Bye Miss American Pie, anything to do with your diet and age, what you watch on TV, Johnny Depp so maybe you should published your diary or do a few interviews for those things because it’s getting really boring to listen to as an album now. You need to push your songwriting talent again, not just vomit up this bullshit your doing now, it’s just turning into the easy option for your songwriting.”


So here it is if you want to listen to the whole album, after my little write-up.

So what does anyone, everyone else think about this album and Mark’s current output now?


2 thoughts on “New Music: 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth by Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

  1. It sounds as if you are more than a little pissed about this newest release. I haven’t listened to anything by Kozelek in years, since the pace of his songs often put me to sleep, to be honest. I’d be pissed too, if it seemed an artist was just putting out releases, just to be keeping their name in the press/ether. Here’s hoping he redeems himself, soon…

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