Cover Versions: 4 Newish Covers by Mark Lanegan

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

I Put A Spell On You 

St. James Infirmary Blues

In The Pines

Now those last three above are credit to Brian Reitzell featuring ML but he’s done almost all of them before, well two out of three. So I guess it’s interesting and off course in this post I’m including the older versions too, just below all my writing. Those three are culled for the American Gods TV show/soundtrack which off course based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, which I have never read but he is more well known to me because Amanda Palmer married him. Then the very top one is credit as Martyn LeNoble & Christian Eigner featuring ML & Dave Gahan and is off course a 80’s David Bowie song. Buying that one on the bandcamp page all proceeds does go to too.

Anyway I point out that I’m a bit of Lanegan fan here on my blog before and even posted a couple of his covers before, two of my faves are Same Old Man and Your Kisses Burn and maybe I’ve got to post up his others too, he does like doing a few covers over the years and I do love a few more too.

So those last three above is his newish ones he’s done which I think I’m digging the more right now, it’s a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins cover of  I Put A Spell On You which has been covered 100’s of times possibly. Maybe just from the fact because he’s not done it before but I don’t know about the others yet, I guess they’re cool. I still like The Gutter TwinsSt. James Infirmary Blues the best because it’s a duet with Greg Dulli. It’s a very old traditional song but still maybe even today the well know version was by Louis Armstrong which he first did it in the 1920’s. In The Pines and Where Did You Sleep Last Night is pretty much the same song and also an old traditional song too, first made well known by Leadbelly in the 1940’s under the title Black Girl and then Nirvana did it in the 90’s off course. Before that famous Unplugged version on Mark’s debut solo album both Kurt and Krist recorded the same song. It was the third last song on The Winding Street album from 1990, Kurt and Krist played on the track  on the same album plus the other songs that didn’t make the cut ended up on the somewhat Nirvana outtakes boxset called With The Light Out, even did another Leadbelly track too. I guess In The Pines above is just plan one acoustic guitar and Where Did You Sleep Last Night is full rock band, different again to the full band acoustic Unplugged but maybe answer the question of how to do the same song a few ways.

The very top one, I’m really digging the Bowie cover and so very chili and so very different to the original too, released late last year. With every man and his dog doing Bowie songs after his death I almost missed this one which say it’s got to be this one has got to be one of the best since then and I’ve just got to post it up here. Last year I did post a couple of my fave Bowie covers with Sarah Blasko’s Life On Mars? and Mark Kozelek’s Win. So Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode is only on the backing vocals and Mark on lead, some I guess will be disappointed by this because name does seem to have top billing, well after the other three guys but he’s most likely the most famous.

St. James Infirmary Blues by The Gutter Twins (with Greg Dulli)

 Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Mark Lanegan (with Kurt & Krist from Nirvana)

So those are the two older versions of the same songs right at the top, maybe because it’s just the time and after a while I like those newer versions just as much too.


OK, I got to included Mark in my Classic Albums pile at some point but who else loves a few covers by the man? Should I do part two sooner or later with even more but say more of the older covers he’s done?

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