Playlist: My Mixtapes #10 Grey TDK 100

It was the first day of winter in southern hemisphere at the beginning of the month and I’ve come down with the flu for the last couple of days. So I’ve not really listen to any music because my head is just doing this:

over and over and over and over over and over and over and over over and over and over and over over and over and over and over etc.

So what do I do when I’m sick? Other than clearing up bits of my own brain. I put the TV on but then turn the sound down because people voices hurt, try to read which didn’t work because I’m reading the same line but not and then try to blog but every second was spelled wrong and the spell checker wasn’t even close too, eat too much chicken soup, then fall asleep finally and feel a little bit better, drink too much water and then piss a lot but then watch Twin Peaks again because I’m total bored of everything else on, it’s really the only good thing on right now and could be the best thing I recommend to do when sick with the flu. Not amazing stuff I don’t know why I’m writing this because I wouldn’t want to read it if I was you.

Anyway tonight I’m up to listening to some music and after two days not blogging I’m going have to write about whatever it is and I think it’s about right time to bring back my mixtape project, making it into double figures now. It’s been well over a month or so since the last one but it’s been not a good month or so, of my off and on blogging really and far from daily. This is what I’m doing for for my Saturday night so no one needs to call me a loser, I already know that but I’ve been fighting the flu for the couple of days so it’s not I can do much. What is everyone else doing or done for there Saturday night this weekend? Maybe you can listen this before you go out having fun? Or maybe listen some other time?

So pretending your in front of a tape desk with cassette in hand and not what you really in front of while this reading and your putting the cassette into the desk and press play and your hearing all these songs, enjoy!

Side A #1: Daft Punk – Around The World

Side A #2: Metallica – Until It Sleeps (Herman Melville Remix)

Side A #3: Nine Inch Nails – Piggy

Side A #4: Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus

Side A #5: Beasts Of Bourbon – Psycho

Side A #6: The Mark Of Cain – Hindsight 

Side A #7: The Fauves – Dogs Are The Best People

Side A #8: Mr. Blonde – Supergirl

Side A #9: Tex Perkins – Splendid Lie

 Side A #10: Dirty Three – Sue’s Last Ride

Side A #11: Bluetile Lounge – Old Star

Side B #1: Sepultura – Tribal Jam

Side B #2: Einstürzende Neubauten – The Garden

Side B #3: Tricky – Tricky Kid

Side B #4: Rufus Thomas & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Chicken Dog

Side B #6: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O

Side B #6: Sepultura – Ratamahatta 

Side B #7: Porno For Pyros – Dogs Rule The Night

Side B #8: Barry Adamson – Snowball Effect

Side B #9: dEUS – Theme From The Turnpike

 Side B #10: Dirty Three – I Remember A Time When You Once Loved Me

Side B #11: Anita Lane – Jesus Almost Got Me

Side B #12: Porno For Pyros – 100 Ways

So at a guess because once again I’ve got no date it might made sometime in 1996 or just after because that would the newest music here or nothing is released at a later time. I’m jumping all over the place for this one with kind-of liquorice allsorts mixtape, is that good way to put it? Opening with dance pop and then remix going on with French 60’s pop, a few Aussie indie tracks, a couple by Brazil metal band, Nick Cave B-side, three songs with dogs in the title, some do have video clips and with more 90’s styles of music than you can poke a burning stick at, what more could I hope for? What about you? So who like what? Feel free leave a reply about what track/s you like the best, OK?

Sepultura’s brother Max (left) and Igor Cavalera in the mid-90’s. Both painted red out in the Brazilian wastleland, they as the band when and stay with Xavante people tribe and end up recording music with them.




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