1001 Albums Book: 1986

Back to listening to this book’s before I’m dead! Once again been a little while since I posted the last one, well over a month or more. Listening to all these over the last few days, mainly this weekend just gone and a couple earlier today and finishing up tonight so it can be my Monday night post now. The 80’s is the last decade to do or a better way to put it is for me to listen too, I’ve done at least one year from the 1950’s, the 1960’s, the 1970’s, the 1990’s, the 2000’s and even the 2010’s they’re all linked if wanna check them out too.

I do wonder how quick I could listen to all the rest of the 1001 records in book if I just race though it? Or would that be insane? I have been called pretty insane sometimes, maybe before they do lock me up somewhere or imagine if I go ran over by a bus tomorrow, I’ll be laying in a pool of my own blood just thinking fuck I didn’t listen to all those albums in that fucking book!

Blood & Chocolate by Elvis Costello: So please don’t be offend if I don’t like your fave artists/albums or say someone as huge as Costello is totally boring and I never understand why he was so important, just sounds like every other boring white male rock bloke because that’s just my opinion.

  Plant Rock by Afrika Bambaataa: First totally great and wicked album of this year, this is cool as fuck and can’t believe I’ve not heard it before. Big discovery for me and got to listen again now!

Licensed To Ill by Beastie Boys: You can really hear why those guys don’t like this album now but it’s got the classic teenage anthem (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party). All there later albums are so much better that this one and any of them do work as a whole album/s a 100 times better than this.

Master Of Puppets by Metallica: I so loved this album as a teenage but now I think by far the most interesting thing about it is the final two tracks with instrumental called Orion and full-on closer Damage Inc. 

Infected by The The: I could never get into this English band because I’ve try before. I’m putting it in not my thing pile but I can pick a my fave track from it as Sweet Bird Of Truth.

The Last Of The True Believers by Nanci Griffith: Fuck me, it’s 80’s Country & Western do I have to say anymore? I don’t thing I can even listen to whole 11 tracks so halfway that’s it for me.

Talking With The Taxman About Poetry by Billy Bragg: Is so bloody English and Folky, I couldn’t think of anyone more English Folk but he’s no way my thing at all because I only made it halfway again.

The Colour Of Spring by Talk Talk: That’s more my thing. I’ve got a greatest hits or something like that from this band and I always wanted to check out the albums for a longtime. So I finally listen to at least one thanks to this book and now comes highly recommend because I’ll been listening again.

Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? by Megadeth: Another metal album I loved so much as teenage me but by far the title track is most interesting thing about it not which was the single/video clip too which maybe all looks a bit dated now.

Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi: Sandwich this band/album in between both these other two bands/albums is pretty silly by the editor but I don’t know why it’s even should be here at all? Book tell me it’s highest seller so all that just prove a lot people buy rubbish music to me. I think the biggest septic tank of all these is Livin’ On A Prayer.

Evol by Sonic Youth: This band feature a lot in this book and this is the earliest one to do so. It’s totally rough and raw, everything the last one wasn’t and after listen to that this is pure genius but far from there best album. My all time fave song from this album is Kim Gordon singing the Kim Fowley written track called Bubblegum.

Regin In Blood by Slayer: Somehow I don’t think I over did my quoter for Slayer as a teenage because I would rated them and this album of the best metal album of all-time now, where as a teenage they would after just about almost everything else. It could be in someways closer to a punk record than metal and really unbelievable quick and faster playing too.

Self-titled by Throwing Muses: I haven’t listening to this band for so long and oh my god they’re so wicked. I did love them in the 90’s but don’t have anything anymore, maybe Kristin Hersh’s solo and Tanya Donelly’s Belly was even better. Only the fourth album that comes highly reco from me after listening to now 13 albums.

Graceland by Paul Simon: Right going to dismiss this album totally and right now call it the worst album of 1986. So make what you will at this little statement of mine now because most would call it the very best. Everything about it I totally dislike, even loath and hate and can’t find anything, nothing nice to say about it. Maybe only thing good I can think of is Chevy Chase was in one the hit single video clips but no way I’m going to put that up here but what I’ll do is put the clip of the Aussie band the DZ Deathrays’ No Sleep with Arj Barker taking the piss.

Raising Hell by Run-DMC: Thank god for that, after that I think I’m enjoying these guys even more now. It’s the one Aerosmith song too but I think I love It’s Tricky and My Adidas more and are before Walk That Way. Plus everything after it even if they didn’t come with video clips are so cool, it’s the fifth highly reco album from 86 now by me.

Slylarking by XTC: Yet another one I don’t dig at all, not my thing at all again plus it’s got 15 tracks so I’ll see if I can make it to the end? Well, I did listen to the whole thing but nothing at all really jumps out at me or anything, I don’t know what else to say? Oh, I remember seeing the Dear God video chip but I’m not including here.

Guitar Town by Steve Earle: I know this guy mainly for being on the great TV show called The Wire as a recovered junkie and he wasn’t really acting because he was a real recovered junkie. This was made while he was up to his eye balls with heroin and crack cocaine after the success that this his debut album got, it just got worst until the early 90’s with his arrest and even jail time too. The album is all a bit too country for me but it’s more rock country.

I Against I by Bad Brains: Most likely another really early album I totally loved as late teenage/early 20’s maybe I moved on from metal to punk. I never get tried of these guys or at least those early albums. I’ve already wrote about the Rock Of Light album in CA posts too. This is maybe when punk become more metal too just like Slayer’s one above but the other way around.

Rapture by Anita Baker: This is OK, nothing groundbreaking just 80’s soul album but it’s only got eight tracks.

The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths: So if you don’t know by now this is one greatest albums of the whole 80’s, listen to it right now you fool if you’ve never heard it yet! Making it the seventh great album from this year in my opinion.

So by Peter Gabriel: I had this theory once which was basically huge big singles don’t help albums in the end, maybe at the time it helps to sell the album but my point was that no one cares about the other songs after a while it’s just that hit single/s that are the only part of the whole that’s heard, even if they’re great songs but people just wanna listen to that hit again and again and in the end ruined the whole album. The Kate Bush duet just steal the show here.


My pick of the album of the year 1986 from that book: I Against I by Bad Brains.

So I’ve included two albums from 86 in my fave CA pile both are Aussie ones too. Did you notice zero was above in this book again? First up is The Triffids’ In The Pines and last up is The Human Jukebox by Scientists both the songwriters who are David McComb from The Triffids and Scientists’ Kim Salmon I consider a couple of the greatest Aussie writers plus couple couple of great guitar players too. It’s a pity they don’t get want should have due for them in things like this thing.

Anyway do you wanna let me know what your fave album from 1986 is? Is it in this book or not? Love to now, you know?



  1. Oh, hands down: EVOL. I love Sonic Youth and this one was the turning point for them and the first stone on the path to Daydream Nation. Songs like Tom Violence, Starpower, Expressway to Yr. Skull… it’s a great album.

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    1. Nice choice and yeah, it is the break thought for them and great album too so maybe I should have included the whole album above but I do love Bubblegum so much more than anything thing else 🙂


  2. Now we’re talking! If I may add to that glorious confection? The Go-Betweens, Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express; Depeche Mode, Black Celebration; Prince, Parade; That Petrol Emotion, Manic Pop Thrill; Pet Shop Boys, Please; Husker Du, Candy Apple Gray; David Sylvian, Gone to Earth; Dead Kennedys, Bedtime for Democracy; Nick Cave/ Bad Sees, Your Funeral My Trial; a-ha, Scoundrel Days; Cocteau Twins, Victorialand; PIL, Album. Good times!!! Now where’s my TARDIS?!

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      1. Yes it was! I’m just listening to The Go-Betweens one and can’t believe it wasn’t in that book but I guess they can’t included everything but I think if I was the editing it I would cut something and put this one in!

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  3. I carried the lyrics to THE WRONG ROAD around with me like a talisman for years. It’s still one of my absolute favourite songs. It’s bucketing down here so have had The Doors’ RIDERS ON THE STORM on as my early morning soundtrack.

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    1. Oh, it’s a amazing track and just have throw that one back on now because it’s just finish! The sun come back out here and looks like it could a very dry winter but that sounds like great listening.


    1. Well, I’m onto Black Celebration now because that’s next on the list! But that sound like a great idea, please can you keep me updated what you are listening to right now! So what time is it where you are?


      1. I remember seeing them in the 90’s on Songs of Faith and Devotion tour they were totally amazing but haven’t seen them live since so might just have to if they do an Aussie tour. Have you seen them before?


  4. Oh man. Thought I was the only person alive who never saw the hype in Elvis Costello and XTC. Can’t really stand either one, but I agree so much with what you said about “The Queen is Dead”! By FAR one of the most formative albums in my early teen years. I’ll always love the Smiths.
    Great post!

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    1. Here, here and thanks for letting me know! I was thinking everyone was going to hate on me or say something like how “could you say that about them?” The Smiths are so wicked too 🙂

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  5. EVOL is my favorite Sonic Youth and album that year. Throwing Muses being overlooked would have been criminal.

    The Replacements had a pretty good album come out that year…

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  6. My faves from 1986 are Big Black’s Atomizer (it’s in the book, but they accidentally put it in with the 1985 albums) and Slayer’s Reign in Blood. Bad Brains’ I Against I is also great. Stuff not in the book that I love from that year is the Triffids’ Born Sandy Devotional and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Your Funeral, My Trial. I’d also give an honourable mention to the Butthole Surfers’ Rembrandt Pussyhorse.

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    1. They’re a few typos and mistakes in it, my copy’s the newest edition and they been re-printing it for years you would think they would have fixed these up by now.
      Yeah, I think both Triffids and Cave should be in it. I haven’t listen to that Butthole Surfers album for years so maybe should?


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