Wicked Songs: Forgot Myself by Jen Cloher + Shall Be Released: Self-titled by Jen Cloher

So I’m a few days late with this new Aussie music, it was out last week sometime but I’ve just got put it up on my blog. It’s been a bit of a wait for new Jen album but it’s coming soon, make down the date August 11, 2017 as the release date of her new one. Just above is the first taste of it and looks like Forget Myself is the opening track from that new record. It’s going be her fourth album. I’ve been following her for years now it seems but this is the first time writing about Cloher here on my blog other than the Patti Smith shows she did a couple of years ago now so I might just have to write about her early stuff sometime over the next couple of days or something. Until then you can pre-order if you like at the linked just below too:

Now as a little bonus extra today, if you follow this link it’s to Jen doing The Go-Betweens’ cover live on radio, it’s right at the end of the show about at 168 mark. Over weekend she did it again live at Community Cup 2017 in Melbourne which is what they’re talking about if you do listening to it and is an annual Aussie rules footy game with artists/bands playing before, in between and after. They have a kind-of thing each year they ask the artists play a cover of another great artist and it’s The Go-Betweens this year. I was hoping a video might pop up somewhere but maybe it still will, some other wicked Aussie acts played the same day too. I write a blog post about the year they did Nick Cave and Rowland S. Howard covers because I did find a pile of great versions of there songs. Anyway Jen does do the opening track Love Goes On from 1988 The Go-Betweens’ 16 Lovers Lane album, if the video/s does show up I’ll edit this post or maybe written a brand new one, OK?

This is such a great photo of both Courtney Barnett (left) and Jen Cloher, Barnett just looks so in love with Cloher here. 

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