Cover Versions: ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man by Xiu Xiu

I keep watching this song over and over the last couple of days or so. I might as well share it here for my Wednesday’s post with anyone/everyone who’s not seen yet or wants to see it again and again, like me. It’s a total killer cover by Xiu Xiu who have done some bloody amazing covers over the years but this could be the best one. I might have to revisit the old ones now, who would like a another blog post by me about that?

If you’ve never heard of Xiu Xiu, it’s official pronounced “shoo shoo” and they have played my home town once, some mad bastard booked them at festival once. I remember the singer then had this sling shot type of thingy and a bell or something on the other side of stage and he would just it seem totally at random hit it. Anyway no cover at that gig but today is ZZ Top. I think they could make any song they set there mind even cooler, better, greater etc. I love it when they do them. They do have there own songs too, you can’t forget about them. Forget is the title of the new album and was out at the start of the year and as the a very big extra bonus, here it is:


   I know I should have written about this new album on my blog but I seem very hopeless writing about new music, it does seem to come after everything else. It seem like this ZZ Top‘s cover is the very first time I’ve written about Xiu Xiu on my blog so it seems they have got to go on the to do more list now. It seem they’re playing it live at there gigs too lately too so if go to one of there shows you could see it, if you like that sort of thing?

So it’s from the A.V. Club cover thingy which is a cool idea but I’ve only featured it on my blog once before with Courtney Barnett doing The Breeders which I did think was the best out of everything and everyone before this one pop up the other day. I don’t think I really need to included the ZZ Top original, or do I? So do you dig this as much as me?


 Edit: Xiu Xiu has now recorded this track for a 7″ vinyl single, fuck yeah! I’m totally ordering my copy today, you know?


  1. I’m summarizing: Chapman’s song is all about having a crap life, struggling, never feeling alive except for the physical thrill of driving fast, feeling free. It’s the one release she has – the only time she can experience pure bliss.

    Xiu Xiu’s cover. We were driving in a fast car, too fast, in the snow, and oh no look out for the school bus full of kids, oh, you hit them, there the bus goes, down the embankment. Look it’s out in the middle of the frozen lake I don’t think… yeah, there it goes, down into the freezing water. The thought of all those dead kids… I’m so depressed.

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      1. Have you seen The Sweet Hereafter? The bus accident starts off the film. I don’t know why that scene popped into my head when I heard the cover. Needed something to convey what a bummer they had turned this song into.

        I actually have nothing against them, but covers can fail so dramatically.

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