Wicked Songs: Summer Rain & ​Untitled by HTRK

So at a guess those two HTRK new tracks start at about 5:50 but those tracks before hand are pretty amazing too and only at seven minutes something it’s not very long at all, I always dig their mixes or whatever you call them? When you really wanting something new by these guys anything with do. So the last day of the month and this Friday post just has to be this, OK?

htrk x pageant runway soundtrack Featuring:
Loke Rahbek / Croatian Amor (Denmark)
Sky Walkers – From the Posh Isolation album ‘Finding People’ 2017
Dale Cornish (UK)
Aqal Pattern 1 – From the Entr’acte album ‘Aqal’ 2017
​Cut – From the Halcyon Veil EP ‘Cut Sleeve’ 2016
HTRK (Aus)
Summer Rain – unreleased 2017
​untitled – unreleased 2017​

Now I would rate one of my all-time fave Aussie acts ever as HTRK, official pronounced Hate Rock and that seems like the closest we are going to get to them releasing anything new. So this was out last month but I was hoping it was leading to something more but they have got silent again, it’s a total waiting game with these guys. Who knows if we are going to get a new album this year or next or the year after that?

That’s HTRK’s Jonnine singing or do you call that more like a spoken word anyway the act is called Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards with the track called Ghost From The Coast which off course the vocals by Jonnine Standish with her man on Bass, Conrad Standish and Piano by Genevieve Mcguckin. I’ve just got to included the whole album now just below. Some what a bit of mystery project/band but they do give credited to the guests, thank god. It was out last last year but I’ve not blog about it yet. It’s turned into a blog post about what the hell have HTRK been up to lately. So like I do almost always do, throwing in some bonus extra music.

Also while I’m at it, HTRK’s Nigel Yang co-produced & mixed Inland Sea by Marcus Whale, his debut album by this Sydney artist. Which I’ve been enjoy and pulling it on now and there, it’s really interesting when an artist I love start to produced album themselves, I know they might just be a hired gun to a job but they must like/love it to add there own name to it. Nice to have something newish, somewhat reco by them in the meantime waiting from something new from them too.

So it’s a good old long while since I last blogged about them but have done some posts like Chinatown Style video & Psychic Lilac CD, Body Lotion Vinyl EP, and then a couple of Rowland S. Howard covers, plus Jonny sung a couple of tracks last year on the debut album by Powell with songs called Frankie and then Jonny. If you missed those or want more by them or whatever?

HTRK in 2017 are Nigel Yang and Jonnine Standish.


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