Cover Versions: Metallica’s No Remorse by Cannibal Corpse + Anti-Nowhere League’s So What by Metallica

What is your all-time fave Metallica cover? I should have ask this question before on all the other posts I’ve done under this title but I guess I am now!

So other day I listen to Metallica for first time for a very long time. Which was one of my fave metal bands as a teenage which is maybe just about every other male teenage before and after me fave too. Anyway I when and found this track and would rated it better than Metallica’s original, Cannibal Corpse just make it so much more heavy. I do find the sound of 1983 Kill Em’ All is a bit lacking, they pumped it up more on the other 80’s albums and then toned it down for the mainstream in the 90’s. Anyway the total brutal death metal re-working by Cannibal Corpse works so much better for me so I’m putting it here with that statement. I’m guess Metallica fans will hate what I just wrote because they can’t do no wrong, just my little opinion again but just below is that original. The lyrics James wrote are prefect fit for Cannibal Corpse horror movie theme too.

So if that’s question to hard what about covers of Metallica, what about the cover band that is Metallica? They have done a lot of covers over the years, what would be your fave they have done? My one would be So Fucking What which was a B-Side to one of 1991 The Black Album singles, I really can’t remember which one? I think I loved this because it’s just a song with so much foul language and what more would a teenage what? I was a little disappointed by the Black Album so this did make up for it, kind-of maybe.

So Fucking What was by English punk band Anti-Nowhere League from 1982 which was banned as soon as it was released but some how they did make a video clip for it. I don’t know what the hell they where thinking because they banned anything in the 80’s but now you can watch it on youtube.

Back to Cannibal Corpse now and just below is the full album where you can find that Metallica cover as the final closing track from the 2002 album Gore Obsessed. But I think my all-time fave track is When Death Replaces Life which is track number ten and the longest song on this album at almost five minutes. Maybe that can be yet another question I can ask you dear lovely reader, what’s your fave Cannibal Corpse song?

Cannibal Corpse’s 2002 Gore Obsessed album cover which was banned at the time release which now it’s very cartoon like but sorry if your still offend by it but I’m guessing you don’t watch The Walking Dead or anything like that!

So that’s my fun for all Saturday post this weekend, enjoy! Questions you can answer now: What is your all-time fave Metallica song done by other artist/band? What is your all-time fave cover done by Metallica themselves? What is your all-time fave song by Cannibal Corpse?

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