New Music: Bravado by Kirin J Callinan

Kirin J Callinan:­ search under guitarist, activist, nudist.

Now I read that somewhere else but does some him up in a just few words. Kirin’s new album was only out a few of weeks ago so it’s pretty amazing I’m writing about this quick because I’m pretty useless about writing reviews when they’re released or as I like to say here sometimes NOT reviews.


Now I did a little while call his debut album and included it in my own kind-of Classic Album because it was total genius. It’s most likely way to early for me to tell about the new album so maybe this is my own first impressions. It’s a little pop and I could say it’s got a more mainstream sound to it but it’s a total weirdo take on pop/mainstream. Just to make up for the fact of that maybe, he has a totally naked fold-out of himself inside the artwork of the album, with sticker of M 15+ readers for this album on the outside. Kind-of like your buying some kind of porno mag or something. I got to ask now? I guess, he with answer me but does it look to me like he is pissing on himself on the album cover?

Anyway my pre-ordered album came with a little postcard of him in Cuba for the just above video clip. S.A.D. is short for Song About Drugs. The postcard is saying Greetings from Cuba on front with a little note “From me to you” signed by Kirin, I do wonder if Cuba tourist promo board or whoever will start to use it too?

I guess it’s a mad as bats album lyrics really and maybe making the sound of it more poppy or whatever you can make the words your singing more crazy but I do love a bit of madness! Special guests are huge on this album too with some big names like Neil Finn and the whole Finn Family, Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes is screaming, New York No Waver James Chance, Alex Cameron from Seekae etc. Plus one of my fave Aussie producer Aaron Cupples did it too, he’s one half from the great Aussie act called Civil Civic too, you know?

Now in the last month Callinan has yet another video clip, this time he’s dressed up as a cowboy riding a shark for fuck knows why reasons? It’s really entertaining! So I’ll just finish up with that now. Maybe not the greatest album of the year but not the worst one of the year so far too, maybe I would put it somewhere in between but more good that bad. It’s a real grower too for me, each time I listen I like it more and more so maybe if I waited longer to write my blog post about it I would be raving about it! So it’s maybe not the most Sunday music ever but oh well, it’s my Sunday blog post this weekend. Check it out and let us know what you do think?

Bravado track listing and times:

1. My Moment – 4:17
2. S. A. D. – 3:38
3. Down 2 Hang – 3:15
4. Living Each Day – 4:01
5. Big Enough – 4:44
6. Family Home – 4:59
7. Telling Me This – 4:32
8. This Whole Town – 3:10
9. Friend Of Lindy Morrison – 4:03
10. Bravado – 3:54



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