Wicked Songs: Freeze by Qui featuring David Yow

Yeah, that’s Dave from The Jesus Lizard and Scratch Acid and if you didn’t know he did one album with the duo called Qui called Love’s Miracle from 2007 which makes that ten years old now! So following yesterday’s post with this one today for my Tuesday’s post because I kind-of forget about it with just focusing on the words winter, rain and cold but the very last of those 25 track was the Lizard so maybe call it the next day bonus track or something. With the chorus as “I hope you freeze” well guys the sun hasn’t come out today and it’s freezing cold still here but it’s stop raining for the moment, if you wanna know?

Also they seem to have made a non-David Yow official video clip just above. It’s minus Yow telling the greatest penguin joke in human history right at the ever end of the song. Freeze is my fave from that album but it’s more famous for having the Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa covers on it. Freeze could just be the best winter song ever really. There bandcamp page full of great stuff too but missing this album, I’ve not really kept up to what they have been doing so I’ll be listening to all that stuff in the next few days. Over past few years or something, David did sing for the Flipper reunion shows and his one and only solo album from 2013 was pretty amazing too plus he’s wrote some funny books about cats too.

Here’s a wicked live version too of the same song just above again so that’s three versions of the same track. Lucky you, everyone, anyone who check this post out! Qui was once going to do an Aussie tour with the band I love The Drones but canceled before it happen and I don’t know maybe they have been here since then but I missed it if so. Have you seen them live somewhere? The Jesus Lizard reunion shows for Australia got canned, axed too.

Anyway once again I’ll keep asking you dear lovely readers, what’s your fave winter songs? You got any to share with me today?

Qui in 2007 with Yow in the middle flipping the bird, naked in a bathtub because well why not?


  1. Love this album. Thanks for posting the different versions of Freeze. Great song. I also really enjoy Gash, which has a pretty silly and violent video without David singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scVmOzmL5qk

    I was bummed that they didn’t make it for the Drones support, and that TJL pulled out of ATP. To this day I’ve never seen David live. I should probably check out more of Qui’s stuff without him though, as they also seem pretty great by themselves. They have a new album with Trevor Dunn from Mr Bungle, Fantomas, etc.

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    1. That’s bloody mad video!
      I was lucky to see TJL four times in the 90’s and they were great each time but would love seen that reunion too! Maybe Qui will tour here one day, who knows?


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