1001 Albums Book: 1977

Oh well, it’s been a week or more since the last post about this book. Now I did think I could do this a bit quicker but maybe it takes a bit more time than I think, even if I could just race though it. I was going to go to another point in the book at random, opened it without looking and letting it fall open on a page but all that just end up on 1977 which was the year after the one I started on a few months ago. Anyway after listening to all these over the last few days this Tuesday’s night post is 1977 with 27 albums. That’s if I can count which I fail math class at high school a few times so it’s very likely I can’t. I’ll just get on with it, hey?

Before And After Science by Brian Eno: Right this just sounds like Eno still would like to be in Roxy Music, nothing futuristic about it that he’s more known for a little later. I found the best song was called By This River. 

Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk: I did think these guys that wanna be robots were a bit earlier than this but the book tells me it’s already number six album for them and the first of three I’m going to be listening too. To start with it’s all a bit boring for 1977 with everything else going but after a while you get into the swing of pretending and thinking your a robot too, then it’s over after only eight tracks. I’m picking something called Abzug as my highlight on this one.

The Stranger by Billy Joel: This album just so bloody lame, I guess it’s just total mainstream pop rock rubbish and I’m going to call it the third worst album of this year.

Exodus by Bob Marley & the Wailers: Some reggae after that is a relieve and did you know there really not much of this style of music in this book which is disappointing. Three Little Birds has got to be my fave track from this album.

Out Of The Blue by Electric Light Orchestra: What is this bloody rubbish? This is worst than Billy, it’s got 17 tracks too, double bloody album hell and I’m giving up after track ten but I’m saying that makes it the second worst album of this year.

Heavy Weather by Weather Report: Who remember The Mighty Boosh? The BBC comedy TV show and Howard Moon who was obsessed with this band, he would named drop them all the time. Well, that’s them and they’re just late 70’s jazz which is really not my thing but is way better than ELO.

Hard Again by Muddy Waters: So now it’s just a 70’s blues rock record which I dig a lot, I do have a soft spot for this style of music because it’s one of my old man’s faves and played a lot of  these guys when I was a little kid. My fave here just got to be Crosseyed Cat with the greatest lyrics of these 1977 albums, so far with the chorus of “My woman got a crosseyed cat” what do you think he means by that?

Rattus Norvegicus by The Stranglers: Once upon a time in my life I had a gf who was a bit carry away with Golden Brown and this is the band who wrote that song. This debut album by them and it’s so very debut album sounding record but it’s good I’ve listened to something else by them now even if the woman is long gone. Nothing really jump out at me but not bad as some other rubbish in this list.

Self-titled by The Clash: No wonder people got so hyped about this band when they hit. I’ve never been the biggest The Clash fan, far from it really but I think I’ve made it pretty clean I do love punk rock music here on my blog before. So it should come as a great surprise this album the first of my pick of the greatest albums of this year from this book. It’s like an atom bomb going off and listening in the context of what else was happening at the time, it kicks everyone else’s teeth in!

Low by David Bowie: The first of two Bowie records from this year/book, he’s been very, very busy that year. I enjoyed this one the best out of the two and it’s totally weirdo Bowie album this one too, half of it he don’t even sing on it too. I’ve just got to make it my second highly recommend listen great here. If you’ve not heard it yet stop what you are doing and listen to it right now even if your at work, just say to your boss I said so and if he/she/it still has a problem with it just send them to me, I’ll fix them up so you can listen Bowie as part of your job all day from now on, OK?

Aja by Steely Dan: These guys are named after a dildo in Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, who was one of the writers I loved after learning to read after leaving school. I could never get into them then and giving them go another now I still can’t do it, it’s all too soft rock jazzy for me so another one for not my cup of tea.

Pink Flag by Wire: More English punks now and yet another band I couldn’t ever get into but my highlight here would be the longest track at almost four minutes on the album called Strange.

One World by John Martyn: I listening to these early this morning while drinking coffee and waking up but I almost fell back to sleep listening to this which can’t be a good sign. It’s only eight tracks but I can’t name you one, it’s folk rock but soft rock or something?

77 by Talking Heads: That more like it but it’s a bit samey after awhile, they did go on to  better albums later but the highlight from this is off course Psycho Killer.

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac: This is most famous for all the band members having sex with each other, getting married, having affairs, getting divorced etc. I liked the closer track Gold Dust Woman, is by far the best for me.

Heroes by David Bowie: The track title steals the whole show on this or it could be just not as odd as the Low album which seems like I just listen too, it does try to get a bit weird in the last few songs on it.

The Idiot by Iggy Pop: Now we get first of two Iggy albums, both him and Bowie were hanging out together around this time and you got ask, they must have spent all there time together in recording studios. Anyway it’s the best one since Low.

Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson: An old hippie makes a record that sounds like he’s never left the 60’s. He’s start to record this album in 1971 and started to make the follow up to this one but died, drowning on a vodka binge in the early 80’s. I didn’t dig it at all.

Self-titled by Suicide: Thank god for that, I’m naming this record as the best one of all these albums. It’s finally one I know and love and own a copy of it too but it still sounds so amazing to me. Not dated at all and could have been made yesterday but that would be impossible Alan Vega, one member of the duo that call themselves this passed away about six months ago at the age of 80 years old.

Self-titled by Peter Gabriel: Sorry to say but it sounds so very dated and a bit silly at times. I really wanted to like it because been meaning to check out his early album/s for a while but now I have to say I’m a little disappointing really.

Marquee Moon by Television: This is totally epic album and it’s the next one I do know and love and have my own copy too. So I’ll rated it in second place of the best albums from this book. It’s been good today listening in the context of the rest of 1977, they’re pure genius and unbelievably great.

Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf: You have to be joking? OK, this is now the worst album of this year and knocking off both both Joel and ELO. I really only know this man as Bob from the 1999 movie Fightclub and will not be listening to his music again anytime soon.

My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello: I’ve say it before I don’t get Elvis but I could say now maybe his 70’s stuff is just a little better than his 80’s stuff. Not my thing at all but I guess he’s way better than Meatloaf if you want me to say something positive about it.

New Boots And Panties!! by Ian Dury: Well this is a great way to finish this post, these last three are all pretty wicked. Dury has some funny as fuck lyrics and then some really sad ones too, totally mixed up so I’m going like it off course and another highly reco by me.

Lust For Life by Iggy Pop: This is the very last time Iggy is in this book, two albums with Bowie in one year and then that’s it. Nothing else worth listening to before you die so I’ve just got included in my highly reco list for me.

Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The… by Sex Pistols: Well, they’re coming in at third place after Marquee Moon and Suicide albums if I’m rating them. Still so great after all these years and everything has already been said about this album so just put it on and listen again, yeah I own a copy of this one!



My fave album of 1977 is by the duo that calls themselves Suicide and the self-titled debut album

So it seems I’ve gone off my idea of what I called my classic albums posts/tag, who did like/enjoy those posts? Do they need to make a comeback or not? Please let me know, OK? Anyway before I did stop writing them, I named one album from the very same year as a fave and great one: (I’m) Stranded by The Saints, the Aussie punks which are off course missing in this book! Once again this book has zero Aussie acts but that’s what happened when you put an old English bloke as the editor. So I’ll keep asking, what’s your fave album/s of 1977? Is it on this list or not? Please add yours because I’ll love to know!




  1. Suicide is my #1 as well. Damn, this list alternates between great and embarrassingly awful. And I know people love them, but I will never get into Steely Dan.

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  2. Pink Flag is probably my favourite from this year. I reckon it leaves the Clash and Sex Pistols in the dust, but I love those albums too. Suicide’s debut and Television are also awesome as are Bowie’s and Iggy’s efforts. Never got into Steely Dan even though Naked Lunch is my favourite book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I think I need to listen to them more and maybe just know those other two much better and that’s why I highlighted them more but I’ll give Pink Flag another listen, OK? BTW I still don’t know what to say about Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, maybe I didn’t enjoy them as much as some of the other albums/acts you’ve covered before, is it OK to say that?


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