Wicked Songs: (I’m) Flipped Out Over You by The Victims

Well actually it’s everything, all the songs I can find by them below not just that one song above. After yesterday’s post with the total lack of Aussie music in that book so this was happening in Perf in 1977. One of the most underrated punk rock bands ever from the late 70’s because maybe just for the fact they were in Western Australia capital city and not in New York or London or where ever? Perth miles and miles away from the Eastern States’ Sydney and Melbourne. Once I was over there and didn’t the cash to fly back west and it was three and half days on a greyhound bus with two bus drivers taking shifts sleeping and driving pretty much non-stop, that’s just point out how far away it is to the next city and is far from hip and happening places like NY, Lo etc. It’s punk rock music here is so much more raw and trashy than say the Ramones and Sex Pistols were.

Unlike say the Ramones, Sex Pistols etc. and even other Aussie punks bands from the 70’s these guy never got to put out an album, just that one 7″ single and then E.P. which was DIY and self-released and that was all at that time. Ever if they did record 17 songs in the end before breaking up but no album came out by The Victims. Until the Japanese record label called 1977 Records hounded them for all the demo recordings to release and then with all the previous release stuff finally in 2011 the full album by The Victims called Sleeping Dogs Lie but now in 2017 it seems the label website shop it’s listed this release as sold out ūüė¶ and no bandcamp or anything too! Maybe if your really want you could find a copy somewhere but I’ll leave that up to you, OK? But what I with do for you now is included all the youtube clips that have been uploaded so you can just hit play here to listen to this great bands tracks.

Television Addict

High School Girls

T.V. Freak

I Understand

Open Your Eyes

Perth Is A Culture Shock

Disco Junkie

Horror Smash

I Wanna Be With You

Uranium Song

Out Of My Head

Girls Don’t Go For Punks

The Victims were only around for two or three years from 1976 to 1978 or something along those lines. They were a three guys with singer playing guitar Dave Flick, drummer James Barker and bassist Rudolph V or his real name was Dave Cardwell¬†who’s disappear after the band broken up but you might know the other two guys? Or the bands they when on to play in? Flick’s real name is Dave Faulkner¬†who when on the form the Hoodoo Gurus¬†in the early 80’s which Barker drummed on their debut album¬†Stoneage Romeos but soon leaved the band after that album. James did play with Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon and still now plays around Perth with The Painkillers too.

(I’m) Flipped Out Over You was the third track on the Tales From the Australian Underground comp album too. So this Thursday’s post is covering my continuing set of all and everyone included on that comp album. Which I’ve only done four¬†Venom P. Stinger, Pel Mel, Dropbears and Ed Kuepper¬†but more are to come, OK?

The very old handmade 7″ single cover for 1977 by The Victims.

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