Live Gigs: Sarah Blasko @ The Astor

I haven’t wrote about a gig for a while and last night was Blasko’s Perth show of her first ever totally solo tour, it was beautiful and amazing. So here’s little more about it for my Friday post this week. Yeah, she was totally solo and playing piano, nylon string guitar, ukulele and some kind-of synths but opening with A cappella version of Down On Love. 

I’ve got to say something about the support guy, Cameron Avery more well known playing in bands like Tame Impala, Pond but playing solo too last night. This guy’s from Freo, the port town so close to Perth it’s all mostly counted as part of it. He’s always got a story because last time I seen him was a few years ago now but it was his going away oversea show but playing support to Gareth Liddiard which did say he can’t remember that show last night. Well, he said he was totally smashed but I remember and he turn up in a full tuxedo just coming for a wedding and ending his setlist with that Top Gun movie song that Tom sung for some mad reason. Then Gaz came out talking about playing a USA fest that was where Dirty Dancing movie was filmed and for a little while because of the long winged story he was telling, I was think he going to play that song next but the punchline was that they had quicksand at this place where fest was, where Dirty Dancing was filmed and all drunk fest goers where falling into the quicksand. So last night Avery walks on stage in full Neo from The Matrix movies gear but says it’s just to hide of huge rip in his pants from falling over walking in the rain in Perth or something so just wanna shot “take it all off!” or something. Playing and swapping in between keyboards and electric guitar and doing some great version of his songs. Anyway he did play my fave of his songs last night and no crazy covers, Dance With Me so here’s the video clip for you or me to watch again.

Sarah played three totally brand new tracks last night, a lot from her last album 2016’s Eternal Return, a few from 2012’s I Awake, three songs from 2006’s As Day Follows Night and one each from the two early albums and then that Cold Chisel cover she did a few years ago, she sung the “bull shit” line so lady like. Her grand piano sit center stage but with standing up right mics on both right and left sides she did use all the stage, she’s did joked she very lonely up there.

The totally stripped bare songs was a amazing to hear like that, sometime her albums are epic produced with so much going on musically it was beautiful to hear the so very simple version of them. Maybe if I could be so bold to say some where better, it would great Sarah recorded them like that. Could it be a bonus disc for this up coming new album she’s getting ready for sometime soon or even I would buy a live album. Here’s the video clips of the her last two original songs she did but they were a little different last night and then the full setlist below, I think I did get it right even if I had few too drink.


Down On Love
I Awake
Wanna Be Your Man
An Arrow
Read My Mind (New song)
The Woman By The Well
Is My Baby Yours?
Bury This
Unknown (New song)
We Won’t Run
Unknown (New song)

All I Want
Flame Trees
Perfect Now


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