Playlist: My Mixtapes #11 Transparent Maxwell 90

So here’s the next one of my mixtape project now and we are up to number one one. I think it would be a pretty great Saturday morning listening if you don’t mind me saying myself? So it’s my Saturday post this weekend. I don’t know if or who’s still digging these posts or not so at all anymore? You must know we have very long way to go or is no one going to give a shit about them sooner or later? I might give up myself they’re a lot of these tapes. Oh, well I’ll just get on with it and you mush know the drill by now? Get cassette tape put into tape deck and press play and you’ll be listening to these songs today:

Side A #1: Jocelyn Pook –  The Dream

Side A #2: Barry Adamson – Chocolate Milkshake

Side A #3: Van McCoy – The Hustle

Side A #4: Mr. Bungle – Desert Search For Techno Allah

Side A #5: Rammstein – Engel

Side A #6: The Jesus Lizard – Seasick

Side A #7: The Denison/Kimball Trio – Cold Light Of Day

Side A #8: The Breeders – Cannonball

Side A #9: Sonic Youth – Wildflower Soul

Side A #10: Morphine – All Wrong

Side B #1: Jane’s Addiction – Three Days

Side B #2: Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be So Simple?

Side B #3: Rollins Band – Illumination

Side B #4: Tricky – Hell Is Around The Corner

Side B #5: Tom Waits – Telephone From Istanbul

Side B #6: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Black Crow King

Side B #7: Dirty Three – Better Go Home Now

Side B #8: The Young Gods – Skin Flower

Side B #9: Public Enemy – Don’t Believe The Hype

So it seems like yet another one from somewhere around mid to late-90’s sometime? Few of the same artists again on the ten other ones but different tracks we’ve listened to before plus some who’s are just making they very first appearance too. Off the top of my head, I think the Sonic Youth track is the newest one here or is it the Rollins Band’s song? Almost everything is 90’s music off course but four older 80’s with Adamson, Waits, Cave and PE songs and I’ve got one even older 70’s disco with The Hustle too!

Please do leave any kind-of feedback you like below, love to know what you like or didn’t? Or whatever?

It’s a gif of the last scene and word if I remember right? Of the 1999 movie Eyes Wide Shut from the director Stanley Kubrick because the opening track was on the soundtrack and also Kidman turned 50 years old last month and also she celebrate the 11th anniversary with Keith Urban too!

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