Cover Versions: 15 More Nick Cave Covers

So this weekend’s Sunday afternoon blog post is continuing my ever expanding list of artists and bands who have covered Nick Cave’s songs. Now I did a few of those posts last year but only one this year, I’ve only posted up the newest cover of Skeleton Tree but here’s links to all of my Cave covered posts if you need to revisit the stockpile or visit them for the first time: my top ten faves of all-time, my fave bad cover version, some great live versions played at an Aussie rules footy game and yet another ten great covers mainly of his 2000’s stuff. So maybe I should have made one huge post of them all like I have with some of his other stuff but oh well, enjoy!

Stagger Lee by Magic Dirt

Where The Wild Roses Grow by Chicks On Speed & Kreidler

 Henry Lee by Renee Geyer & Roman Tucker from Rocket Science

Red Right Hand by Giant Sand

Loverman by Martin L. Gore from Depeche Mode

I Let Love In by Chelsea Wolfe

Nobody’s Baby Now by Headless Heroes featuring Alela Diane

Loom of the Land by The Walkabouts

The Ship Song by Martha Wainwright

The Mercy Seat by Dresden Dolls

New Morning by My Morning Jacket

Little Water Song by Kate Miller-Heidke

Oh My Lord by Camille O’Sullivan

Into My Arms by Emma Louise

Come Into My Sleep by Mick Harvey

So were you can find Cave’s own are: we got three tracks from 1996’s Murder Ballads album at the very top, four from the 1994’s Let Love In album next, only one from 1992’s Henry’s Dream album, only one from 1990’s The Good Son album, two from 1988’s Tender Prey album, next was written by Cave but original sung by Ute Lemper on her 2000’s album Punishing Kiss, then one from 2001’s No More Shall We Part, one from 1997’s The Boatman’s Call and finishing with a B-Side from the same time.

Howard Arkley‘s 1999 Nick Cave painting as made by request by the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, ACT.

There is even more covers I can think of too but I’m going to leave there today because I think I’ve pretty much got most of the good ones by now or the one I like here now on my blog. Maybe I’m forgetting somethings and I’ll do yet another post of even more songs again. Please feel free to add something if your really want to included one you like that’s not on this post or even any of those other posts if you’ve got a great Cave cover you wanna share with me, Cheers!




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