Wicked Songs: Candy May by Alex Cameron + Shall Be Released: Forced Witness by Alex Cameron

Right, some new Aussie music for Monday morning post for the start of this week. Alex Cameron has finally convince me he’s on to something great, it’s taken a while really. Now I was a big fan of the first two Seekae albums, both are total masterpieces in my opinion and beyond perfect albums. Then on the third album, weird Al started to sing and fucked it all up and then when and had a solo album which both those I wouldn’t rated not much at all but artists can’t keep doing the same thing so I understand his moving on to do something different too. It would have go boring if Seekae just try to do another album like the first two anyway. So about ten days ago Alexander the great drop the first video from the up coming new album. Now in all truth I was hoping for a new Seekae album after the one off track Turbine Blue was released last year but it’s not happen because his debut solo album seem to be getting more and more press and more and more fans as he continues to tour overseas. I don’t think ever like Jump The Shark, something about it I don’t like but then Candy May I keep listening to over the last few days and by this weekend just gone I couldn’t stop playing it. So I’ve just got to share it with whoever is out there today, OK? Enjoy!

Candy May from the Forced Witness album is out Sept 8th on Secretly Canadian and pre-order Forced Witness and stream Candy May at https://alexcameron.lnk.to/forcedwitness

“If you can smell your genitals standing up, you need a shower” is one of the greatest interview quotes ever!

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