Playlist: My Mixtapes #12 Grey TDK 90

Today is going to be the next mixtape already, sorry if it’s too soon for you dear readers because it was only a couple of days ago since I did the last one. I just really wanted to listen to next one, do you or not? I was going to post something else but I might as well post it instead of saving it for sometime later on. So it’s my Tuesday’s blog post this week and I hope you all enjoy it!

Get the tape, put into deck and press play so you listen tooooo…

Side A #1: Pearl Jam – Release

Side A #2: Kool & The Gang – Funky Stuff

Side A #3: Björk – I Miss You

Side A #4: Garbage – Milk

Side A #5: Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia

Side A #5: Sonic Youth – The Sprawl

Side A #5: Philip Glass – Caravan Moves Out 

Side A #5: Philip Glass – Escape To India 

Side A #6: The Cruel Sea – The Charmer

Side B #1: The Cruel Sea – This Time Of Year 

Side B #2: The Cruel Sea – Takin’ All Day 

Side B #3: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms

Side B #4: Tom Waits – Mockin’ Bird

Side B #5: The Tigers – Elevator Song 

Yet another song I can’t find on youtube, they’re an indie Perth W.A. band which time forgot. This track was from the debut EP called Death From Above which is on discogs so here’s the link to that EP just to proven it does exist.

Side B #6: Charlie Owen featuring Kim Salmon – This Is Suicide 

Side B #7: Don Walker – The Circus 

Side B #8: Don Walker – Howl At The Moon 

Side B #9: Radiohead – Talk Show Host

Side B #10: Radiohead – Paranoid Android

So who else liked that because I did? Once again a few new acts appear that haven’t been on any before but some faves are also back again too. This mixtape must at a guess again has got to be from around the late 90’s, I think? I don’t know really because I didn’t put a date on any of them! We got some very big names but then some smaller ones, mainly the few Aussie acts, The Cruel Sea was pretty popular here at the time but I don’t if people care from it now? I already talked about The Tigers because nothing is there. Charlie Owen is an Aussie guitar player who normally is side man to Paul Kelly, Tex Perkins etc. but in the mid-90’s he released his one and only solo album was called Vertigo & Other Phobias and that track has another great Aussie guitar player Kim Salmon too. Don Walker is the piano player and was one of the main songwriter for Aussie 1980’s band Cold Chisel. He’s only done about three solo albums since then but also has about three albums with Tex Perkins and Charlie Owen calling themselves simply Tex, Don & Charlie. Do I need to tell you who Radiohead, Sonic Youth etc. are?

I’ll just keep asking you all, so which track/s did you enjoy the most from those?

Today I’m now using the original Penguin paperback first pressing cover of the novel where the band The Cruel Sea named themselves after, the 1951 book by Nicholas Monsarrat





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