New Music: Deliquescence by Swans

So I’m seeing a lot of mid-year reports type things on the best albums so far this year but really not seeing any with this Swans release on any of them. So I’ve just got to write one myself, simply put it’s way better than the last official studio album The Glowing Man. It could one of the greatest live albums ever made, Swans were always unbelievable great live band so it make pretty much sense these recordings made while promoting that album are better than the album itself.

With three totally brand new tracks on Deliquescence starting with the opener number The Knot and then halfway in the somewhat title track Deliquescing and second last song with the very perfect title The Man Who Refused To Be Unhappy. The three reworking, newer recordings of songs from The Glowing Man album with Cloud of Forgetting and Cloud of Unknowing on each side of Deliquescing, then the closing track The Glowing Man which are all so much better here and then even the song Screen Shot from 2013’s To Be Kind album is so much better too, in my opinion.

Deliquescence is epic beyond measure, it’s only seven tracks but it’s over 2 CD’s adding up to a little over two and a half hours of the most mind blowing music the Swans have ever made. The Knot the opening song is alone 45 minutes long, bloody amazing. It’s most likely them at almost breaking point really, Michael Gira calling time on this line-up of them before even that last album was even started to be recorded. Maybe the bands members wanted to show Gira want a totally great band he’s got on his hands and they just go for broke on this final tour. Which is where all these live recordings are culled from, it’s beyond ever my own words I can type down here for you to read.

If your a fan of the Swans you could know want I’m talking about? If you’ve seen them live over the last few years but it’s so wicked been put down on tape. Now it’s labeled a limited edition live album only available at the gigs and the band website, it was put up on their facebook a little while ago it was sold out but that was mistake and is still listed to buy at The Young Gods records link here. No vinyl records or download digitally files have been made available too, with only:

“maximum of 3000 and then this item will disappear forever.”

So says the website. Someone has off course uploaded it to youtube already but don’t ever bother to listening if your can’t turn it up to the max volume which the only way to listen just it like your at the gig in front of a PA, almost. This one is going to disappear without anyone knowing how amazingly great it is so get it while you still can! Deliquescence is my live album of the year so far, I don’t think anyone can top it too. It’s above and beyond highly recommend!

Deliquescence track listing:
1. The Knot (new)
2. Screen Shot
3. Cloud Of Forgetting
4. Deliquescing (new)
5. Cloud Of Unknowing
6. The Man Who Refused To Be Unhappy (new)
7. The Glowing Man
Total Running Time: 2 hours, 36 minutes



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