Wicked Songs: Rose Blind by Gold Class + Shall Be Released: Drum by Gold Class

Oh my god, I love this band Gold Class and with each new track they seem to just get better and better. So here’s the very brand new track now, just released called Rose Blind. Which is now the second track to be released from the up and coming new album after the first single/video Twist In The Dark. Now both seem to be the opening two tracks on that album now given a title of Drum releases on August 18th 2017. The ten tracks was recorded at Head Gap Recording Studios and Tropical Fuck Storm Studios in Victoria, Australia. Produced by Gareth Liddiard, engineered by Rohan Sforcina and Finn Keane, mixed By Aaron Cupples, mastered by John Ruberto at Mastersound Studios. All songs written, performed by and Gold Class are Evan James Purdey, Adam Curley, Jonathan Shub and Mark Hewitt. Adam Curley the lead singer says:

“Drum is primitive. It’s physical. It’s the beat of your heart. It’s immediate. It comes from the past, but it also beckons to something in the future.”

All I can say now is, I can’t bloody wait! I’ve got tickets for the end of the month, have got yours? Now you can pre-order new album Drum here: https://goldclass.lnk.to/drum

Adam Curley (left) and producer Gareth Liddiard in the studio from Gold Class facebook page

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