Playlist: My Mixtapes #13 Grey TDK 90

Yet another mixtape today even sooner than last time, it’s all pop music too. So you can call it lucky or unlucky thirteenth depending your view of these two artists because basically this mixtape is just Prince on Side A and then Madonna on Side B.

Pretty much some of my fave tracks then by them together one tape, maybe two or three hit singles by Prince but also just some great albums tracks too. Off course nothing is dating after mid-90’s maybe 1996, I think? Should I double check that fact? Or can someone who more of an expert about these things tell me? I’m back to using Spotify for the first time for a while because Prince hated YouTube but I don’t think liked any streaming sites or apps. Anyway not everything is on Spotify but not anything is on YouTube too so it’s a bit of both. Then it’s all YouTube for Madonna because it seems ever if they were not big hits for her she’s got some kind-of promo video for all her songs, thanks Madge. So it’s Thursday the 13th of July today too, enjoy!

Side A #1: Prince – I Wanna Melt With U

Side A #2: Prince – She Spoke 2 Me

Side A #3: Prince – Rock Hard In A Funky Place

Side A #4: Prince – How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?

Side A #5: Prince – La La La Means I Love U

Side A #6: Prince – When Doves Cry

Side A #7: Prince – My Name Is Prince

Side A #8: Prince – The Future

Side A #9: Prince – Diamonds & Pearls

Side A #10: Prince – When You Were Mine

Side B #1: Madonna – Take A Bow 

Side B #2: Madonna – Erotica

Side B #3: Madonna – Hanky Panky

Side B #4: Madonna – Bye Bye Baby

Side B #5: Madonna – Bedtime Story

Side B #6: Madonna – Bad Girl

Side B #7: Madonna – Justify My Love

Side B #8: Madonna – Express Yourself

Side B #9: Madonna – Cherish

Side B #9: Madonna – Into The Groove

So did anyone love that? I haven’t featured all pop music on a post for a while now. Or does everyone out there hate Madonna and Prince or even pop music? I don’t think anyone could possibly hate these two at their peaks of their powers or can you? I don’t know? I didn’t even come close to have all their great songs but it’s some I loved at the time and still think they’re are pretty great too and I do like to mix it up and I guess if you don’t like or love it you can skip to the next thing.

So I’ve got to ask are there any fans out there and what’s your fave now or then by Prince and Madonna? I’ll love to know? I’ll just keep on asking until the cows come home!

Amazing in a world before mobile phones, selfies etc. Two of the biggest artists in the 80’s/90’s only seem to have one grainy photo together!  

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