Playlist: My Mixtapes #14 Grey TDK 90

Right I’m going a bit overboard with my mixtapes project now, does anyone really mind? I promise I’ll do something else tomorrow because this makes it two in a row without even a day or two of other posts in between now!

This one has a date with day, month and year in pencil of 28-4-94. It’s very first one with a full date like that, amazing! it’s really small writing on the left hand side top corner so no wonder I totally missed it. It does seem like a bit of a totally party mix minus a couple of kind-of sad songs so it’s perfect for Friday! Once you pretend you’ve put the tape in and on you can turn it up and start to jump, dance a around your place! Enjoy!

Side A #1: The KLF – What Time Is Love?

Side A #2: The Cult – Medicine Train

Side A #3: Primal Scream – (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

Side A #4: Primal Scream & George Clinton – Funky Jam

Side A #5: Primal Scream – Jail Bird (Chemical Brothers’ Remix)

Side A #6: Primal Scream – Rocks Off

Side A #7: Howard Shore ‎- Ed Wood Main Title

Side A #8: White Zombie – More Human Than Human

Side A #9: The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal

Side A #10: The Cult – The Witch

Side B #1: Offspring – Gotta Get Away

Side B #2: Offspring – Bad Habit

Side B #3: Nine Inch Nails –  March Of The Pigs

Side B #4: Nine Inch Nails – Heresy

Side B #5: Sebadoh – It’s So Hard To Fall In Love

Side B #6: The Reverend Horton Heat – Where In The Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush?

Side B #7: Primus – Intruder

Side B #8: Primus – Making Plans for Nigel

Side B #9: Primus – Sinister Exaggerator 

Side B #10: Primus –  Tippi Toes

Side B #11: Primus – Have A Cigar

Side B #12: Rage Against The Machine – Bombtrack

I haven’t heard some of these songs for years! All those Primus tracks are covers with the originals by Peter Gabriel, XTC, The Residents, The Meters and Pink Floyd, I think I still like those cover versions better. So what do you guys and girls out there think of them and that one as a whole mixtape?

The 90’s Primus because I’ve got the whole of the covers EP’s five tracks called Miscellaneous Debris on this mixtape.



  1. Don’t mind your mixtapes at all! They remind me of songs I’d forgotten and just how much I liked artists like Prince! Great post 😺

    Liked by 1 person

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