Playlist: My Mixtapes #14 Grey TDK 90

Right I’m going a bit overboard with my mixtapes project now, does anyone really mind? I promise I’ll do something else tomorrow because this makes it two in a row without even a day or two of other posts in between now!

This one has a date with day, month and year in pencil of 28-4-94. It’s very first one with a full date like that, amazing! it’s really small writing on the left hand side top corner so no wonder I totally missed it. It does seem like a bit of a totally party mix minus a couple of kind-of sad songs so it’s perfect for Friday! Once you pretend you’ve put the tape in and on you can turn it up and start to jump, dance a around your place! Enjoy!

Side A #1: The KLF – What Time Is Love?

Side A #2: The Cult – Medicine Train

Side A #3: Primal Scream – (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

Side A #4: Primal Scream & George Clinton – Funky Jam

Side A #5: Primal Scream – Jail Bird (Chemical Brothers’ Remix)

Side A #6: Primal Scream – Rocks Off

Side A #7: Howard Shore ‎- Ed Wood Main Title

Side A #8: White Zombie – More Human Than Human

Side A #9: The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal

Side A #10: The Cult – The Witch

Side B #1: Offspring – Gotta Get Away

Side B #2: Offspring – Bad Habit

Side B #3: Nine Inch Nails –  March Of The Pigs

Side B #4: Nine Inch Nails – Heresy

Side B #5: Sebadoh – It’s So Hard To Fall In Love

Side B #6: The Reverend Horton Heat – Where In The Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush?

Side B #7: Primus – Intruder

Side B #8: Primus – Making Plans for Nigel

Side B #9: Primus – Sinister Exaggerator 

Side B #10: Primus –  Tippi Toes

Side B #11: Primus – Have A Cigar

Side B #12: Rage Against The Machine – Bombtrack

I haven’t heard some of these songs for years! All those Primus tracks are covers with the originals by Peter Gabriel, XTC, The Residents, The Meters and Pink Floyd, I think I still like those cover versions better. So what do you guys and girls out there think of them and that one as a whole mixtape?

The 90’s Primus because I’ve got the whole of the covers EP’s five tracks called Miscellaneous Debris on this mixtape.



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