Playlist: My Mixtapes #16 Clear TDK 90

Yeah, it’s yet another one for my mixtape project for the start of this week too, Monday moving closer to night than day blog post. Double yeah, I’m getting totally carried away with it but I’ll try and see if I can do something different again tomorrow, OK? We are back to mainly the 90’s indie rock scene with a few my Aussie heroes too, three rap faves of the time and a couple track that opened two great late 90’s movies plus some songs do have now classic video clips to go with the songs so I’ve included them too. I hope you do enjoy them all!

Side A #1: Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather

Side A #2: Kim Salmon & Mudhoney – I’ll Be Around

Side A #3: The Paradise Motel – Ashes

Side A #4: Jeff Buckley – So Real

Side A #5: Sodastream – Wedding Day

Side A #6: William S. Burroughs & R.E.M. – Star Me Kitten

Side A #7: Caspar Brötzmann Massaker – Bohnmen 

Side A #8: Mr. Bungle – Sweet Charity

Side A #9: Public Enemy – Cold Lampin’ With Flavor

Side A #10: Helmet – Unsung

Side B #1: Ciccone Youth ‎- Into The Groovey

Side B #2: Beastie Boys – Heart Attack Man

Side B #3: Dirty Three – Dirty Equation

Side B #4: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Hard On For Love

Side B #5: David Bowie – I’m Deranged

Side B #6: Tom Waits – Goin’ Out West 

Side B #7. Wu-Tung Clan – Project Ya Neck

Side B #8: Pulp – Babies

Side B #9: Bjork – Pluto 

Side B #10: Clint Marshall – Pi  

So ladies and gentlemen, did you like that? Got a fave track? Wanna say anything about it?

Another gif today, this time it’s Kim Gordon (left) and Kathleen Hanna as in the video clip at top of this post!


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