Playlist: My Mixtapes #17 Half Clear/Half Black Denon 60

More mixtapes today too but this is the very first 60 mins one but they’re a few more, amazing it’s taken this long to do one. If I have picked ones up before but I’ve put them down to find a 90 but I’ve got to start doing them from now on. So it’s a just a little shorter mixtape playlist from my Tuesday, well it’s pretty much night time blog post.

This has in the top corner written very small again 95 in pencil as a date so sometime in the year 1995 I made it, I guess? Some of the same artists once again, other than maybe Nick Cave I think The Cruel Sea might just be my top act so far. A few new bands marking their first time on one of my mixes. All are 90’s again, oh no The Cure track would be 80’s classic then and still now. We also have got David Bowie and Black Sabbath covers on side B too. Once again, I really do hope you enjoy it!

Side A #1: Helmet – Beautiful Love

Side A #2: Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song  

Side A #3: Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says

Side A #4: The Cruel Sea – Looks Like It’s Gonna Rain

Side A #5: The Cure – The Lovecats

Side A #6: The Revolting Cocks – 38 

Side A #7: Nirvana – Milk It

Side A #8: The Cruel Sea – 5,000 Dead Lawyers (Better Get A Lawyer Instrumental) 

Note: Can’t find this one on youtube so you get to listen to Better Get A Lawyer with the Tex Perkins’ vocals!

Side B #1: Stone Temple Pilots – Andy Warhol 

Side B #2: Stone Temple Pilots – Crackerman

Side B #3: White Zombie – Children Of Grave

Side B #4: Soundgarden – Searching With My Good Eye Closed

Side B #5: Fugazi – Waiting Room

Side B #6: Buffalo Tom – Taillights Fade

Side B #7: Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness & Light 

So there you go peoples, how did you like that? Is it better or worse shorter? Got your own fave track? Any questions? Just wanna say something about it?

Eric Avery (left) Perry Farrell (centre) Dave Navarro (right) in Jane’s Additions’ Mountain Song video clip as a gif. I do wonder if I can find a gif from a video clip that’s on my all mixtapes? I never know what image to use so maybe that can be a part of the project now!


    1. Cool, thank you for letting me know that because it’s so good to know! Lovecats is great track, sorry the video is not that clear and a bit fuzzy or whatever, The Cure don’t seem to have an official version for some unknown reason.
      Cheers 🙂

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