New Music: New Spirit by PVT

Right, what I have been waiting all year is a PVT show in Perth and today they have finally announced one! So I now better write about the new album which was out earlier this year, when was it? It was pretty early so my little write-up today is very, very late now.

It’s yet another new Aussie album which I like and slowly loved by now but off course haven’t wrote about it and now over half way of 2017 down, it’s about time or well over time. For new comers to the band, PVT stands for Pivot but had to changed because some another band with the same name was suing them or something. It’s the number five album, amazingly. Time fly when your having fun, the past albums have come out on U.K.’s Warp Label but the last couple they have be doing it themselves. The three piece are two brothers and other guy original from Sydney town in New South Wales in Australia.

It’s been a real grower of an album because at first I didn’t dig it as much as the past albums by them but over the last few months it’s been put on more and more. To the point of even myself not notices I’m listening to as much as I am really. Releasing the longest song Morning Mist, Island Bend late last year as the first video/single I did think was pretty funny, you know who has an almost ten minute long song as how tell everyone in the world you’ve got a new album coming out? Then came a track with a bit more of a normal running time called Another Life as the next one to be released as second video/single too.  I think now my own fave track is actually Kangaroo, which is pretty funny too because when I saw the track listing and song titles before the album was out I was saying why the hell have they got a song called Kangaroo? That opening riff even sounds like your watching a roo hopping away, they jump like that. Now the third video clip from the album which does show some pretty silly old Aussie TV shows.

I would now rate the album New Spirit as one of the very best of the year myself. It does seem to by missing from a lot of mid-year reviews I think I’ve only seem it on one, not that I’ve looked at every single one anyway. So I’m here just re-minding everyone, anyone what a great and cool album this is. It’s very chili compared to some of the band more up-beat older stuff but after a while like the last five or six months living with the new album you do get into a groove with it and now I really can’t for the gig! It’s not until October so I guess I will have to wait but gives me even more time to fall even more in love this amazing great album!

New Spirit track listing and times:

1. Spirit Of The Plains – 3:00
2. A Feeling You Can Find – 4:16
3. Salt Lake Heart – 3:45
4. Interlude – 0:34
5. Another Life – 3:32
6. Fool In Rain II – 2:45
7. Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend – 9:01
8. Kangaroo – 4:27
9. Murder Mall – 4:52
10. New Spirit – 3:09
11. Fake Sun In China – 4:17



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