Live Gigs: Gold Class @ Mojo’s

Last Friday night I got to see Gold Class once again and looks like I might post this one on Wednesday afternoon so you could all say it’s running a bit late. I’ve just got to post it because Gold Class have slowly become one of my fave bands over the last couple years since their debut album in 2015 called It’s Youseeing them last year over east and at the start of this year too. So it’s three times now and if I didn’t spend all day helping my step-dad concreting on Saturday with a hangover I would have gone again but I missed that one. So yeah, I think I drank too much and by the the end of the night I was crashing about with some drunk girl who just seem to be using me like some kind-of a brink wall so she could just stand up right and both of us just kept dancing which I have to say was fun at the time too.

They’re a totally great live band and highly recommend by me, if that means anything at all so please go and check them out if they do come to your town or city, I bet they’re going overseas again soon too. I have post a few blogs about them before but this one I think this is now just going to turn into some of the videos of songs they played live. They did do a pile of brand new tracks from the up coming album which were great to hear but here’s what’s on youtube right now. I hope you enjoy them too!

Bite Down:

Life As A Gun:

Twist In The Dark:


Kids On Fire:

The Soft Delay:

Rose Blind:

So that wasn’t really much of a live gig write-up but do really love them and just sharing them here once again. I’ll try a little harder next time but I hope you all really do like and enjoy the songs?


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