Wicked Songs: Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag by King Parrot + Shall Be Released: Ugly Produce by King Parrot

What a way to start my/your Sunday morning! With some new Aussie music by King Parrot and a video that could be the best NSFW video ever made! After my own few days off blogging I’m back now with this post, they did dropped this a couple of days ago on Friday so I’m running late again with this news. I’m always like a talking rabbit in a waistcoat even with clock and a girl who’s just fallen down a hole. Anyway King Parrot also announced the third album Ugly Produce with the above video too, off course a tour is coming soon so don’t you dare miss them because are one of the greatest live act going right now!

But do I have to tell you who King Parrot is? Well, I’ve lifted this from Wikipedia to inform you:

an Australian grindcore band formed in Melbourne in 2010. They have released two studio albums: Bite Your Head Off (2012) and Dead Set (2015)…the band had established themselves as intense live act and their unsettling sense of humor, most notably in their music video Shit On The Liver. 

So if you’ve never seen that video it here is it too!

Most likely I would rate them as the greatest and best heavy band from Australia in the 2010’s, if you wanna ask me? In this day and age it’s very good news they’re back now with more shit, literally!


So I don’t know about it but I will see if or try and get back into daily blogging next week again, OK? Did everyone or anyone like those couple of tracks, both new and old by King Parrot?

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