New Music: Bad Girl (Soundtrack) by Warren Ellis

After Dirty Three/Bad Seeds’ Warren Ellis has done about half a dozen soundtrack albums or more with Nick Cave he’s stepped out to do his first real solo one by himself. It really could be even better than any of those ones he’s done with Cave too. Most likely this is my fave soundtrack album of the year, so far. I did write a blog post about my fave album at around the half way point also wrote about this one at the start of the year but I would say this one is a very close runner-up to both of them plus this live album would made it as my best live album too. I did write about the most disappointing album/s for me tied with this and that. So I guess what I’m saying in a very long winded way this would be my pick movie soundtrack album adding to those picks.

The physical copy did take a very long time to arrive but it’s here now but before that I was listening online a bit too. Googling it you really don’t get much at all about it, I missed the movie in Aussie cinemas but it was only on very limited release at the start of this year. Maybe you might have better luck overseas but who knows, it could have come and gone already by now.

The very small press Warren Ellis himself did for the promotional work: it seems he worked on it while in Australia last year before, after and while on the very tiny Dirty Three tour with mainly recording on his laptop in hotel rooms with the goal of not using his instruments he normally uses eg: violin, piano, guitar etc. and mainly making totally electronic. Pushing himself to learn and create something new using something new to him, he does always seem to be adding the the list of instruments he can play. Maybe pushing forward from what started while recording the last Bad Seeds album, Skeleton Tree. Is this where the next Bad Seeds album musically is heading? At my guess, I would say yes!

In the past the soundtrack work always as had clues to were things where going. Like say when Cave & Ellis the very first soundtrack for The Proposition, there has only be one new Dirty Three album since then Towards The Low Sun in 2012 which was the year before Bad Seeds’ Push The Sky Away was out. The tit-bits of actually music that was on soundtracks before albums are in 2009 on The Road soundtrack, you can hear the Grinderman 2 album’s Worm Tamer opening riff in middle of track called The House. Then on 2012’s West Of Memphis soundtrack you hear somethings very close to ended up on Push The Sky Away album, listen to Groundswell and then try out both Water’s Edge and/or We Real Cool songs. Cave did say they had six soundtracks in the works at the start of the year in an interview, Mars at the start of the year came out then War Machine and next is Wind River coming next month which mean we got three more coming soon unless he was counting Bad Girl as one? Simply checking imdb, no other Cave & Ellis projects are listed but Ellis is listed as composer on both bio-pics of Django and Gauguin.

Before that Ellis the only other soundtrack credited to just Warren was a French film called Mustang but has a lot of songwriting credits to Cave was from around the time Cave lose his son maybe seem like Warren did everything because Nick couldn’t at that time. I did get my physical copy of the War Machine soundtrack by both of them for the Brad Pitt Netflix film at the same time as Bad Girl one but this one is better than that. Bad Girl would have been done before both Mars and War Machine, both are more a little more refined but using what he’s just did on this one.

Bad Girl has way more or some very wild and crazy sounds and does seem so much more experimental musically but maybe that’s only because of the subject matter. Where those other two soundtrack works are for much bigger and high profile things but Bad Girl is for a little tiny Aussie film so it’s better because he could push the envelope so much more. To me it does works so well without the movie, maybe even better that any of the soundtrack works he’s done with Cave too. If you have a listen to the soundtrack please let me know what you think, OK?

 A little about the movie now even if I haven’t seen it. Watching the trailer and reading about it, it’s film made in the Swan Valley in Perth. I’ve lived up there once or twice and it’s funny seeing a place you know well on the screen. This is the third movie filmed in Perth or Western Australia this year, others are Jasper Jones which was filmed down south in a small logging town and Hounds Of Love which was filmed in Perf burb which does have a soundtrack by The Drones’ Dan Luscombe. That’s only three but that way more than zero because you never this place in/on film, it’s like it don’t even exist because of it. Last night I was watching some shitty movie on TV and they had to write London and New York on the bottom of screen like you’ve never seen the Empire State Building, Big Ben, London bridge before. Anyway if you’ve seen the movie Bad Girl let me know what you think, OK?

Bad Girl track listing and times:

1. Genesis – 3:25
2. Chloe – 3:26
3. Flies – 1:15
4. Suicidal – 1:35
5. Motel Room – 3:40
6. Amy – 3:21
7. Bush Walk – 1:47
8. Under The Bridge – 4:04
9. Truth – 2:55
10. Pool Fight – 3:03
11. The Blood – 5:22
12. Bad Girl – 4:04
13. Bad Bad Girl – 4:06
Total Album Time: 42:03


Now a little extra below, if you want more solo Ellis back in the late 90’s he did three track EP. If my memory serves me right it was for dance show but I forget where and when. The music is just below from bandcamp but google it very little seems to come up about it. My own CD copy from back in the day has more of that great artwork from the cover but almost no writing, just the label who was releasing then. Enjoy!


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