Remembering: Glen Campbell

Well, I’ve picked out just eight of his tracks below today and if you somehow missed the news or didn’t know by now Glen Campbell passed away earlier this week. It seems a lot of music artists have died lately or now I’ve written a few posts like this. I’m so far away from the biggest Country & Western fan but he’s a biggie, I feel like today writing a little tribute to him on this weekend and highlighting some songs I know loved by him over the years. Once again I was listening to them on YouTube so I’ll share them with anyone else who would like to have a little listen!

If you know anything about him, he was 81 and we did know it was coming for a longtime now because it was made pubic he was stuffing and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s still so sad to me, someone once told me people died in a very uncaring way and like I didn’t know that happened to everyone in the end but it felt like she was hitting me with say a wet fish, something the size like a blue whale. Anyway I’m getting sided tracked already so I’ll start to name some songs I like and hope you do too? I think everyone will know some of his biggest hits but I’m going be throwing about all sorts, OK?

Starting with one which I begin with because Nick Cave covered it, By The Time I Get To Phoenix. Now I know The Bad Seeds like to say it’s after Isaac Hayes’ version but as Barry Adamson has pointed out in a lot interviews himself the members of the band liked to say because maybe just for the fact he was in the room but when you compare them it’s nothing like Isaac and so close to Glen’s it’s almost note for note.

While I’m at it now, I’ll say Glen’s Running Scared is much closer to the Kicking Against The Pricks album version than the songwriter Roy Orbison’s too. What do you think?

Then of course Campbell was a Bad Seed when Nick Cave was only ten years old in Aussie country town, born in Warracknabeal but by then moved to Wangaratta and by 13 he was expelled from Wangaratta High School.

Yet another track Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds covered but only live never in the studio was 500 Miles (Away From Home) but of course a lot artists did this one. I do have to say I love Glen’s acoustic guitar instrumental version.

So other than some songs that do or don’t have anything to do with some other singer called Cave. I do love some of the duets Glen did with Bobbie Gentry and here’s the very corny All I Have To Do Is Dream which is all Glen and Bobbie does seem to be very minimum here.

The track called Morning Glory is a bit more an even sung duet by Bobbie and Glen so here it is too.

So I’m going to finish up with this classic track which adds up to only seven tracks today which does seems little a bit of a short post really but oh well, short is better that nothing which is what I have done this week here on my blog. It’s just got to be Wichita Lineman.

Also I have to say one of my all-time fave movies, I would say it’s got to be in my top ten. One of the main character, who’s awful but is a local town radio DJ like to play a bit of Glen too. Who’s seen the mid-90’s small Aussie film called Love Serenade director by Shirley Barrett? So I’ll add just one more songs today to go up to eight tracks now and which was also in that great film, the song called It’s A Sin When You Love Somebody. 

So I’ll love to know what’s your fave Glen Campbell song or songs are or do you have a fave album of his?

Glen with his six shooter in 1969 movie True Grit which co-starred with the cowboy actor John Wayne who won his Oscar for it too.

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