Live Gigs: The Television Addicts & The Peep Tempel @ Rosie’s

So that’s pretty much the classic old 70’s Perf punk rock band The Victims but now going under the named The Television Addicts for some reason? Plus supporting is wicked cool The Peep Tempel which I’ve wanna check out live for a very, very longtime but haven’t until now or on Friday night! I missed almost all of the local support Peter Bibby‘s Dog Act but they seem good and I’ll have to keep a eye out for another one or two of their gigs and go and see them again.

That’s the two latest The Peep Tempel albums above, Joy from 2016 and Tales from 2014 which their setlist was pretty much culled from plus I really can’t decide which one is the best too. It’s been just announced this week or sometime that they’re going on a long hiatus after this tour. I’m looking at the dates of the albums I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to see them live. They do put on one hell of a show too, it was so wicked and could have be even better than the headlining act.

Now I’ve seen them live what I’ve got to say is that the singer-songwriter Blake Scott would have to an arm wrestle with The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard to who’s got the best Aussie accent sung in their songs? I can really see The Peep Tempel becoming one of my fave bands now, I should have jump on the bandwagon sooner. They are a three pierce line-up band from Melbourne that play some of the greatest Aussie pub rock I’ve heard in a longtime. What other really nice things can I say about them right now? Oh, I don’t know this has got anything to do with the music but Blake drinks like a fish, early in the set he drunk two whole bottles of water then started on his beers and towards the end of the set almost down one whole bottle of beer in between a couple of songs which impressed me. Maybe, that just shows it don’t take much to impress me?

After a few years ago having a very successful reunion here in town, playing a couple of shows and then going over east for an Aussie tour they’re back one more time to play. Now I did written a blog post about them only last month or was it the month before? Maybe just getting a bit hyped about this show or something? I did included all the songs I could find online in that last post so I will just say go to that link again if you wanna hear them!  They do play a pretty harsh version of punk, Dave Faulkner lay clam to Perth’s first punk band on Friday night which I think few others will have something to say about that. It’s a bit of a heated conversation in these parts, who was the first punk band in Perth and I myself would say The Victims was one of them and leave it at that!

I got my tickets early for that first show but should have got them to both because Mojo’s sold out early and didn’t go last night but I guess once is better than nothing and I did see the 2014 reunion too of The Television Addicts. As a side note now about Rosie’s newish renovation main room, I just wanna say it’s like every other music venue in Perth or anywhere. I did liked old-fashion and the very stupid idea of the circle bar in the middle of the room. It’s always been like that since I can remember but I guess it’s better for watching live music now and looks like bands now have a backstage area too and not just doors opening onto the footpath on the main road outside. Anyone else in the whole of Australia reading my little blog post, go a see The Peep Tempel for their other shows on this last tour for while because they’re totally wicked live band. I don’t think The Television Addicts are playing any other gigs ATM.

So this Sunday morning post makes it two weeks in a row I’ve written after going to two different Aussie punk band live gigs on the last two Friday nights at the same venue, I go to a lot of gigs but don’t write about them all but I for some reason I’ve got to write about these ones or should I start writing a post about the weekends gigs on the Sunday morning from now on?


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