Playlist: The Shuffle The Music Tag

Cheers to the turntable talk blogger for nominated me for this very fun idea which is going to be now my Monday morning post to kick start this coming week. August not been the best blogging month for me so far but here’s hoping it will pick up a little now.

I’m suppose included some rules for this tag thingy. The rules are: Mention the creator of the tag and link to their blog, so it was created by Life In A Blogshell.
Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog as well, thanks again and here’s his 15 too.
Shuffle your entire music library, no matter how old songs the songs are and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them etc. Mention the songs as well as the artists. This should be interesting because I haven’t used the shuffle button for a while. Plus I’ve just update my library but a lot them it tells me it’s unknown artists but I know who it is but it doesn’t know who it is? Anyway it’s played a couple of these track so I’ve fill in those blanks.
Tag 7 or more people to do this tag and please let them know!

OK, I’ve taken it just one step more and not one of the so called rules but I’ve embeded all the tracks below here. So anyone can hit play to listen to one or all the tracks right now yourself and I’ve turn it into to a 15 track playlist. In just these few songs we’ve covered the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s so here what was played, enjoy!

#1. Bob DylanTalkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues

So after I finally figure out how get it to snuffle because I’ve not used it for so long, this is what pops up first. I’ve not listen to Dylan for a longtime now but it’s like shove being hit in your face every time. I do loves his demos, out-takes and even live recordings much more than any of his studio albums and this is a just totally classic. The legend goes he just walked out of his first TV gig because they wouldn’t let him sing it on America national TV but it’s funny as fuck song too.

#2. PanteraMouth Of War

I do love a bit of metal and this is the one and only track to pop up in this 15. It’s a live version of the song too, I remember seeing them live back in the day before Dimbag was shoot dead live on stage by some nutcase. Saying that before that gig I when to just when they just opened the door and everyone was finding their seats, someone was running around in the crowd shooting you a water pistol and BB gun wearing a Bill Clinton mask and somehow security wasn’t throwing this guy out but when Pantera walked on stage there’s the bloke in the same mask holding a guitar and puts it off and everyone when totally apeshit!

#3. Dallas CraneDig It Up!

I do love a cover song or two too and this is the only one to pop up here. The very first of a few Aussie acts too. DC doing a cover of the Hoodoo Gurus classic track, it’s actually from a whole album of covers of their debut 1980’s album Stoneage Romeos. The tribute album was called Stoneage Cameos which came out in 2005, with a pile of great Aussie bands/artists doing their songs just some others are like The Drones, Dan Kelly, You Am I, Spiderbait doing two version of My Girl and more. So much for including all the songs here as well, I can’t find it anywhere else but here’s that album just prove it’s real. But I’m just going to included the original track because a road block never stop me before.

#4. Johnny CashSan Quentin 

The one and only Country & Western track of these 15 now. It’s the live version for that epic live album record in the very said maximum prison and it’s the second time he played the very same song on the day because I’ve got the complete recording of the show, which would just have say it’s got to be one of the great live album ever recorded. It’s amazing listening and amazing a total riot or something didn’t brake out. Back when it was first released in the late 60’s the album included beeps over Cash talking in-between songs because he was swearing so much then.

#5. Ben SalterThe Cat 

The newest track played and the next is the second Aussie act, this time the singer-songwriter Salty for short and the opening track from his debut solo album. It’s title track too and could be my fave from it but that would hard to chose really. So before he when solo he’s played various Brisbane, Queensland band like The Gin Club, The Wilson Pickers, Giants of Science, The Young Liberals and maybe even more I’m forgetting right now. If you go and check his website/social media you’ll see his cute cat too, just found out he’s got a new album coming out next month too!

#6. Section 25Program For Light

Somewhat not very well remember 80’s Manchester and Factory Records group that were very techno before techno which dig a lot and should be rated higher than they’re. Maybe the reason is that is just that city and label has some huge big names to it but here’s a smaller one you can have a listen to now.

#7. Frank SinatraThis Love Of Mine

This cut is from my all-time fave Frankie album from the mid-50’s and oldest song in this 15. I did write a whole blog post about that album maybe a year ago now, if you wanna read it’s right here in this link. What else can I say? What the hell is Dylan doing, thinking, covering Sinatra on his last three albums now plus the last one was a three record set of thirty songs or something, WTF man?

#8. R.E.M.It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Is this the most well known track or is it the Pulp one? It’s got be one of the two biggest track in this 15. I do miss them a bit now they’re gone but maybe it’s fine too if they need to call time on the band. I do remember they played this song in the mid-90’s show I got to see and in there hay day they where one of the greatest bands.

#9. Sarah BlaskoBe Tonight

The third track of her six track EP from 2006 and yet another Aussie singer-songwriter, the third here today. Maybe not her best song ever but I still dig her early tracks and as a whole this EP is very underrated really. Last month I was her playing live, totally solo all by her lonesome and she played some very brand new songs so I’m guess she writing a new album right now.

#10. Donna SummerNeed A Man Blues

Now I’ve got for you a double disco header of my two fave disco divas ever, I don’t know really how well they are now remember and disco get a unfair rubbish by some people. As Grace Jones point out in her book, when it was underground in the smalls clubs and before the white man’s records company’s got their hands on it was just as ground breaking as say punk in the 70’s too. Maybe this not Summer’s greatest but I still totally dig this mid-70’s number.

#11. Grace JonesThe Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

Now just wrote about Jones when I suppose to saying something about Summer so should say something about Summer now? But I’m just going point out this track is from the second album today I wrote a whole blog post about too about year or so go, please head over here for more about this if you really want more of me talking about one of fave disco diva and album, OK?

#12. Dan Kelly and The Alpha MalesSafeway Holiday (Get Wise)

So this makes it the fourth and final Aussie act of these 15 tracks and is opening song on the final Alpha Males band album before Kelly made his next band which he called the Dream band on his next two albums. Is the now third album, with more to come I’ve written a whole blog post about and once again I’m going link it now and invited you over here.

#13. PulpDisco 2000 

Only the second English act to pop up here in this but what a song, hey? I do love Pulp the best out of all the 90’s Britpop bands too so it’s pretty funny it’s played them and not the other ones. To me Jarvis is just has to be one the greatest front man of all-time. Did you know? His father was a radio DJ here in Australia and both of them made big headlines here in the mainstream press when they had a family reunion after decades of not seeing each other, which was pretty rude of the press because it should just to two of them really.

#14. Toumani DiabatéAlla L’Aa Ke

The one and only African artist to be played but he could be my most fave of all-time, maybe? Yet another track from the fourth record which I’ve written one of my classic album blog posts about also, here I’m linking to the full write-up about it too and inviting you over to have a look/read yet again. Amazingly all these four posts were writing around the same time or within month or so of each other but the next one was at the start of this year.

 #15. PJ HarveyYuri-G 

Should I just cut and paste again? Because I wrote about the album this track is from again but I guess it did play the 4 Track Demo album version so it’s little different but here’s link to the fifth album my classic album, sorry this post might seems to turn into a bit of promo for my older blog posts you might have missed. Maybe should say something else but I think I did covered a lot in all those posts really. Plus I’m planning a bit of a comeback with some more of those classic album posts, sooner or later too.

To be honest it did sound like a dumb idea to start with but in the end it was like was the why only 15? Because I left it on the shuffle on and there was some great songs on after those 15. It was great way come up with some random songs and to just blog about something like that. Anyway now to the 7 people/bloggers I would love to see them do the very same thing I’ve just done. Sorry to anyone, everyone I’ve missed out but if your following me and really want to join in the all the fun, just pretend I’ve asked you personal too, OK? I’m going intro them to you with a little line or two about them which I hope I do right by them, if you’ve not check out their blogs before please do:

 Cristian @ugly ‘n’ weird who write about some of the craziest music known to the face of the earth, he been very silence lately but the older posts are all very enjoyable. Anna D @the darkest art who can find some of the greatest visual artists and artworks ever and off course it’s the darkest but that’s always the best. content catnip @Content Catnip the longest blog I’ve been following now and just writes about, well I can’t some it up in just few words anything maybe is the best way to put it. elaine lennon @Mondo Movies I’m going to say my fave film blogger who’s the most active movie blogger and can very quickly some up a film and it’s just like watching it without the one/two hours viewing. Andiau @LIFE IS NOISY who blogs cool photos and a song too if we are lucky almost every days of the week and does love really some great very noisy music too, hence the title. michael conen @Where Were You? not the most active blogger ever but when he does he’s blogs about some amazing gigs going as far back as the late 70’s and got great photos to prove it. samantha murdoch @samanthamurdochblog she blogs about everything like her cats, dogs, rocks and random stuff but I like it all so, it’s very enjoyable too. I hoping you seven bloggers that I’ve picked out above will join in because I would love to see what songs come up for you and plus because it’s pretty fun thing to do but know it’s not the normal thing all of you do but if I ask and say pretty please with ice cream and a lot of cherry’s on top, will you?

Today’s featured image is Dylan rehearsing for the Ed Sullivan TV show in 1963 but he dropped out before the broadcast when network executives would not let him sing the same song above.


  1. Ooh ok! I don’t really do tags or awards anymore…but how can I resist you when you ask so very sweetly…and offer ice cream…🍦🍦but I’ve never done a music tag and it’ll be fun to pass it on too. So, just to clarify – put the playlist on my phone on shuffle and write a little about each song that comes up?

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