Playlist: My Mixtapes #19 Clear TDK 90

I really wanted to get to number two zero last month for my mixtape project but off course didn’t and this is the first one this month which we are now half already. So my mid-week blog post is one closer to twenty! It’s got 99 in black pen on the top right corner so that’s the year 1999? Then also written is the very informative two words of “some songs” in very small letters. That’s really helpful, what else is it going to be is what I want to know?

Side A:

#1. Matt WalkerAll By Myself 

#2. Matt WalkerListen To The Night

Opening two tracks from his debut album from the late-90’s by under rated Aussie slide guitar player Matt Walker which I can’t find him on YouTube but the whole album is on bandcamp to listen too, if you wanna?

#3. Jeff LangToo Easy To Kill

#4. Jeff LangCedar Grove

Both these tracks are from his late-90’s Cedar Grove album from yet another under rated Aussie slide guitar Jeff Lang but are all slide guitarist under rated, it’s not a very popular music style really?

#5. Bob DylanLeopard-Skin Pill-Bottle Hat (Live 1966 Bootleg)

#6. Faith No MoreThis Guy In Love With You

#7. Corrupt Fruit ‎- Lessons In Love

This is the title track from a late-90’s now totally forgotten Aussie band which I can’t find anywhere for you to listen too but just to prove it’s out there somewhere here it is on discogs website.

#8. Miles Davis – The Pan Piper

#9. Faith No MoreI Started A Joke

#10. The Jim Carroll BandSweet Jane

#11. Iggy PopLoco Mosquito

#12. Patti Smith – Pissing In A River

Side B:

#1. Some opera sung track which I guessing might be from a soundtrack but I don’t know what it is? But hearing the next song, a really good guess it could be from a Stanley Kubrick film? Anybody up on what opera sounding songs were used in his films because I can’t remember now?

#2. Mogwai – Stanley Kubrick

#3. Corrupt Fruit ‎- The Lone Prairie

The closing track from the very same album earlier that I can’t find anywhere and this song is 13 mins. long too, if you wanna know?

#4. JewelWho Will Save Your Soul 

#5. Jeff Lang – Is She Slipping?

This is his track called Slip Away because the one I’m looking for I can’t find on YouTube but that one on that same album above, if you’ll like to know?

#6. Sonic YouthBubblegum

#7. Faith No More – The World Is Yours

#8. Iggy PopDog Food

#9. The Jim Carroll Band(No More) Luxuries

#10. Faith No MoreMidnight Cowboy

Now I haven’t listen to Jim Carroll for ages, those two Iggy songs would have to be some of his most mad lyrics ever, four FNM are still great to me. Time to join in now everyone! So does anyone wanna say anything about any of those songs? Never hear before? Haven’t listen for a while? Hate/dislike any? Love one or some? Anything at all you want to share/say now?

I think I must have been in love with this guy when I was younger, Mike Patton from FNM in 1998.


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