Wicked Songs: Chameleon Paint by Tropical Fuck Storm

Well, this is the big one I’ve been waiting for all year since hearing one of my fave singer-songwriter Gareth Liddiard was starting to do something new. Now it’s a totally brand new band to go with it but he’s from the Aussie band called The Drones and don’t forget his one great solo album too. Now I did post about new band Tropical Fuck Storm in a little intro blog or two here and there which before we every had any track to listen then there was that cover earlier this year too which is linked here too.

So off course I’m going to share the debut song here for anyone who hasn’t heard as of yet or want to listen again? Really having a few listens to the first song over the last 24 hours, it’s just continuing what The Drones set-up with new direction from the last album called Feelin’ Kinda Free from early last year. Which is great in my opinion they’re still going down the same rabbit hole and with more to come over next few of months, I can’t bloody wait!

TFS are Fiona Kitschin, Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), Erica Dunn (Harmony, Palm Springs) and Lauren Hammel (High Tension) left to right.

According to their website:

TFS Records and Mistletone Records are collabing to bring you the Tropical Fuck Storm 7” Series. Each of the four 7 inches (which come out every 8 weeks) is limited edition, with phantasmargorical artwork by Montreal artist Joe Becker. Chameleon Paint/Mansion Family 7” is available Sep 22, but you can preorder it (or all four) here now!

At Mistlestone they add:

Pre-order all four 7″s and received limited edition coloured vinyl, while stocks last! the first 7″ is on white vinyl (white vinyl for those ordering 4 packs only. Single orders will receive standard black vinyl.)

This is the first of a series of 4 x limited edition 7″ singles, all featuring a Gareth Liddiard original on the A-side and a B-side cover of “songs we love and wish we had written”.

In an email I’ve got for TFS HQ:

“It feels like a turning point in history”, Liddiard comments, “as technology speeds up. The internet distorts reality and dehumanises relationships, and makes everyone crazy. It’s a bullshit, out of focus place where everyone is the worst version of themselves. Facebook and Instagram keep you glued to the screen, melt your brain and turn you into an idiot so they can sell shit to you. That’s the climate in my head; that’s why I write all this doom and gloom.”

Mansion Family written by The Nation Blue’s Tom Lyngcoln, shudders with a kindred malaise. “I can feel a cold change is coming,” Liddiard intones, and as the tension mounts, the new day dawning foreshadowed in the lyrics feels like cause for dread.

I’ve say again now, I can’t bloody wait!


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