Playlist: My Mixtapes #20 Maxell 90

So I get to number two zero on Saturday the 19th August 2017! Now it could be or should have been co-tilted Barry Adamson mix or at least the Side A and a bit of Side B then going totally random. If you need to be reminded who Barry Adamson is he’s English guy who play bass in the great post-punk band called Magazine in 1970’s and also played in the earliest Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds line-up too in the 1980’s but rejoined the band in 2013 for a couple of years around the Push The Sky Away album and tour. He’s been making solo albums for years and years too, joined in on a few soundtrack albums like David Lynch 90’s now classic movie Lost Highway too. His first solo album Moss Side Story if I remember right was for a movie pretend film he made up himself that could go with that album but didn’t really existent for everyone else but him.

This last idea got my thinking and I’m going to post something else like this tomorrow fingers crossed. Also kind-of like this is the Prince/Madonna one a little while ago is a bit like it too because it’s some fave tracks by just those two artists all on one tape and post. Barry Adamson has popped up on my blog before like has been on some of my mixtapes too but here on this one he just takes over now. He is very groovy and is a totally cool cat so get really some funky and jazzy stuff but he’s got some pretty mellow stuff too he does have this own best of/greatest hits comp album from 1999 called The Murky World Of Barry Adamson and check that out here if you want even more of him after my little blog today. Below is nothing after the year 1996, I thinking it was made sometime around then because a lot of these tracks are from his 1996 epic album called Oedipus Schmoedipus but because he had another great album 1998 which I really loved named As Above So Below and that’s totally missing here from this track listing. Enjoy!

Side A:

#1. Barry Adamson – Something Wicked This Way Comes

#2. Barry Adamson featuring Nick Cave – The Sweetest Embrace

#3. Barry Adamson – Miles

#4. Barry Adamson – Dirty Barry

#5. Barry Adamson – In A Moment Of Clarity

#6. Barry Adamson – Achieved In The Valley Of Dolls

#7. Barry Adamson – The Big Bamboozle

#8. Barry Adamson – State Of Contraction

#9. Barry Adamson featuring Jarvis Cooker – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Pelvis

#10.  Barry Adamson ‎– The Man With The Golden Arm

Side B:

#1. Barry Adamson – 007 A Fantasy Bond Theme

#2. Barry Adamson – Busted 

#3. Barry Adamson – Dead Heat

#4. Barry Adamson – The Big Bamboozle

Now for some reason I’ve got this one track on both A and B sides of this mixtape, maybe it was my fave back then? There is a little bit of gap of silence and then comes…

#5. SwansLove Of Life

 #6. Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– Z.N.S.

#7. Bad Brains I Against I

#8. Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsPapa Won’t Leave You Henry

#9. Red House Painters – Mistress

So who digged that one? Any your faves there? Who’s already a fan of him, Barry? Now I do have a few full mixtapes of just Nick Cave piled up, who would like hear them too? I was thinking to just skip them but maybe someone or more would like some Cave mixtape/playlist posted up here too? I’ve blogged a lot about him already so maybe that can just be the next in a long line but let me know, OK? I’m still very undecided about those ones and just heading to some other ones anyway! I hope everyone did enjoy my some what mainly Barry Adamson one today as part twenty?

Barry on his headphones, photo by himself so it’s a selfie!


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