Playlist: Pretend Comp Album #1 The Drones

The Drones were in 2013: Fiona Kitschin, Mike Noga, Gareth Liddiard and Dan Luscombe (left to right)

OK, this is a pretty simple idea of a band/artist in 15 songs that does included something from all the albums. After the other day’s brand new song from the songwriter-singer Gareth Liddiard with the totally brand new band too called Tropical Fuck Storm. Off course a comp album like this, maybe called it a best of or greatest hits or whatever other name you can think of is not out there but really don’t need to be as well. I guess the release The Drones came closest too it is the double DVD set from 2011 called A Thousand Mistakes, yeah that’s what I named this blog after.

This maybe could be just a little fun for me to pick a band and then name some tracks that some up them in just a few songs. At this point I don’t know if this is the first in a long line of posts/tags or a one off blog post but I did say it’s number one in the title. After yesterday’s post too talking about mainly Barry Adamson pretend movie soundtracks which got me thinking too. These are selected from pretty much some classic The Drones tracks and with some personal favorites which are maybe less heard from the back catalog. If you need you a tiny bio of them? The Drones started in the early 2000’s in Perth, W.A. before moving to Australian music capital Melbourne, Vic. since then have released seven studio albums plus singer-songwriter Gareth Liddiard did put out his one solo album in 2010 too. If you a longtime fan or new comer I hope you enjoy these!

#1. The Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands

#2. I’d Been Told

#3. Shark Fin Blues

#4. Locust

#5. Sitting On The Edge Of The Bed Cryin’

#6. She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For

#7. Jezebel

#8. I Don’t Ever Want To Change

#9. Sixteen Straws

#10. Oh My

#11. Your Acting’s Like The End Of The World

#12. I See Seaweed

#13. Nine Eyes

#14. Then They Came For Me

#15. Shut Down SETI

Bonus Track:

#16. Gareth Liddiard – Strange Tourist

Anything can happen with The Drones cause at the very same photo op this also happened, whatever this is? 

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