Playlist: My Mixtapes #21 TDK 60

So here’s a really late night Thursday blog post for my and even maybe your entertainment, I should be doing something else! But who cares? I’m sitting around listening to old cassette tapes and then youtube everything I’ve just heard and listen to it all again so call me a loser or whatever you like now? I call it fun in a weird way!

This one is sixty mins so a little shorter than most of the previous posts under this title/tag and if you don’t mind me saying it’s pretty wicked mix of music. Once again would sometime in 90’s, I think it’s late 90’s but once again nothing written on it to give me any idea what’s on it and the date so why not blog about it? Seven tracks on both A and B side, spoiler is Dirty Three and Bluetile Lounge tracks are like ten mins long, if you’ve not them before. Do I need to intro anything here? I don’t know? Ask about anything, if you like or just google search might be quicker!

Side A:

#1. Joy DivisionShe’s Lost Control

#2. Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Mercy Seat

#3. Dirty Three – Indian Love Song

#4. Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillyMadeleine Mary

#5. Tom WaitsDowntown Train 

#6. MorphineCandy

#7. Air – Clouds Up

 Side B:

#1. TrickyBad Things

#2. PortisheadHumming

#3. Gravediggaz – Bang Your Head

#4. Mick Turner – Floating Kate

#5. Bluetile LoungeThe Weight (And The Sea)  

#6. BjorkUnravel

#7. Aphex TwinBucephalus Bouncing Ball

I hope you enjoy that one because I did! Maybe a little on the darker side musically, lyrically tonight but is it still all good for me. I think I might have had one or is it two track on somewhere in the last 20 tapes too. What about you, all good? Or some good? Just one song good? Dear listener, reader what do you know and love? Not heard in a longtime? Maybe even you didn’t until right now? Or what? Anything you wanna share?

It’s Joy Division’s Ian Curtis singing.

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