Playlist : My Mixtapes #23 Phillips 60

Well, after like 24 hour it seem pretty much no one much digs my mother’s dancing music for my last mixtape project post yesterday, oh well. So I’ll go back to my own ones today for my Sunday post, OK? Happy everyone? It’s only 60 mins. tape again so a bit shorter like #21 a couple of days or so ago. I guess if you didn’t like that one pretend I didn’t post old bad 80’s music yesterday, OK?

Side A:

#1. Bob DylanCold Irons Bound

#2. BjörkJóga

#3. MorphineI’m Yours You’re Mine

#4. Ben Harper – Ground On Down

#5. Einstürzende Neubauten – Die Interimsliebenden 

#6. Public Enemy & KRS-One – Unstoppable 

#7. The TigersScared Like A Rabbit

Side B:

#1. The Jesus Lizard –  Thumbscrews

#2. Dirty ThreeI Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me

#3. John FruscianteYour Pussy’s Glued To A Building On Fire

#4. Tricky – Hot Like A Sauna

#5. Iggy PopLouie Louie 

#6. Banco de Gaia – Drippy 

#7. SeavilleMy Little Eyes

So I hope everyone, anyone out there in the world that’s seeing and listening to this one is enjoying much better and I’ve redeemed myself today?

Dylan and his cowboy hat back in the late 90’s


  1. Lol! I quite liked your mum’s music! You can’t beat a bit of Bob Dylan though…think my favourite of his would be “Shelter From The Storm”.

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