Wicked Songs: Lightning Scary by Kim Salmon

OK, something different tonight and not yet more of my mixtape project. It’s back to just one classic older Aussie track for my very late just after midnight post.

The next in the long line from the Tales Of The Australian Underground comp albums posts. This song Lightning Scary by Kim Salmon is still a bit tricky to find and even get now. I guess because it’s not been official on any albums by Salmon or his re-releases because it was an in-between projects or bands for him. It was just his solo 7″ single in the mid 80’s, the song was original cut in half too because it’s something close to seven minutes long plus at some point you have to flip it over if you got that old vinyl seven inch. Now a lot of Kim and his different projects and bands can be found here at his bandcamp page but not this song for some reason?

Just above I’ve included is his first so called solo album called My Script from early 2016. So yeah, after this his debut solo single Lightning Scary came out way out back in 1986 the debut solo album didn’t appear until March 2016. Amazing also I didn’t I blog about him and post about that last album too until now, Kim is a big fave of mine for a very long time now but I guess I’ve gone around to posting something now.

Lightning Scary is Kim’s rap song as the liner notes of Aussie Underground CDs calls it, he’s rapping over his own guitar riff and just a drum machine beat. So the song is total solo in the true meaning of the word. It was the second last song on the track listing from volume two of those Tales Of The Australian Underground comp albums just before Ed Krupper’s track called Everything I’ve Got finish up everything but more about that one at a later date. As I found Lightning Scary on youtube listed on another comp album called Their Sympathetic Majesties Request: A Decade Of Obscurity And Obsolescence 1988-1998 which by yet indie label but American Sympathy For The Record Industry from the year 1998.

Kim Salmon was born in Western Australia and helped the rise of punk rock music at the end of the late 70’s in W.A. capital city Perth before leaving for over east plus then oversea with the band called The Scientists who are also on that same Aussie comp album but more about them at a later date too. Now for the last decade or more calling Melbourne home and playing also in bands like The Darling Downs, Beasts Of Bourbon and his own Kim Salmon & The Surrealists plus more, building a large back catalog before releasing last years My Script album. So including that album here also if you want more than just the one song to listen to and check out, enjoy peeps!

The 7″ single artwork for Lightning Scary by Kim Salmon.

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