New Music: Rest In Piss by Batpiss

So how about some new Aussie music tonight? Well, it’s been out for a month or so now and I’ve been listening pretty heavily to it, have you heard it yet? I’ll see if can write some words on this page all about it now, I never really know what say about new music but here goes!

The band themselves have call this album Rest In Piss their turning point album and it’s tech the third one by Batpiss. They have mos def up their past work and top all of it to make the best body of work to date. The music has been labeled as pub punk or sludge metal, if you need to call it something?

The opening song Black Paint is a hand clapping instrumental intro track which perfectly kicks things off and leads into Paralyzed track two with the chorus “Backwards Australia, it’s itemized for failure” and final sung words as “brutalized, colonized” which just sums up this place at the moment. Just look at it now were the deputy prime minister is not even an Aussie but they’re, the government going to the high court to some how keep him in office. Third song in is You + Me with the opening line “Keep Ya Hands To Yaself, not on anyone else” keeps the intensely going then Tell Them My Name Is X as the fourth track just doesn’t stop. Rui’s Lament does shift down a gear and the halfway point and WW3 is a short instrumental of feedback noisy sounds. Golden Handshake has some of  the greatest lyric lines on the album with “Floorboards ripped up for kindling” and “Cable tied at the bottom of the river” so figure it out yourself what that’s about. N.U.M.N. and For The Victorian Blues might be my less liked tracks on the whole album but they lead into the greatest closer on any album this year Weatherboard Man. The lead single/video was Weatherboard Man too and I think I will go as far as saying now it’s one my fave tracks of the year, quoting the lyrics just one more time now with final perfect words “But it always was and it always will be Aboriginal land”

They’re a three piece line-up from Melbourne and are Thomy Sloane on Bass/Vocals, Paul Portal on Guitar/Vocals and Marty Baker on Drums. Rest In Piss was produced and mixed by Gareth Liddiard at his own TFS studios, he’s most well known for his own band called The Drones and he’s also credit with additional vocals and something called the Aztec death whistle too. Paul Pirie is also credited for the album cover artwork.

I would say this album right now made it into my top three albums of 2017 now, if you’ll like to know I enjoy that much! How about you? Feel free to add what you think about this album below, cheers and enjoy!

To me this looks like it’s been painted with acrylic paints but I would love to see the painter/artist start to use oil paints now!   

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