Wicked Songs: Flappin’ On A Hook by Joel Silbersher

So yet even more obscurer Aussie music for my Friday post this week to start the weekend. I don’t know if I should call it old or new because I’ve just got it on seven inch vinyl single just the other day. So I’ve just got to blog about it, I should really blog about all the vinyl I get but it’s been awhile since the last time I did. I don’t know if that means this is extra cool or something? Anyway this 7″ single was release last year but I didn’t find out about until recently when I just had to order in online. So I guess I’m letting anybody else know about it who might have missed it too.

Above at the top of the post is the video clip for that older version which is the only one I can find to stream for blogging purpose today. It was track number nine on his debut solo album from the early 2000’s called Greasy Lens. Now I’ve already planned out at least a couple of other posts to feature Mr. Joel Silbersher over the next week or so but in the meantime just a written bio with more thingys at in a day or two but here’s the full solo album from 2002 if need it now?

In the late 80’s Joel Silbersher was a teenage and formed his first band with the very silly name and would anyone else unless your one of four drunk, stoned teenagers call your band? GOD, yes that is GOD in capitals lock too. GOD the band was active from 1986 to 1989 then in 1990 forming a new called Hoss and releasing five albums until the early 2000’s when time was call on that band too. In the late 90’s Joel formed yet another band but only as a two man line-up with guitar player Charlie Owen calling themselves Tendrils and putting out two albums in that time. The one and only solo album, so far Greasy Lens was released in 2002 by Dirty Three’s Mick Turner’s own record label and Joel became the fourth member of Dirty Three on the most of the early 2000’s tours too. Also playing in Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses band from 2000’s on wards as well.

So last year this new single was released under his name, the first since 2002 .So here’s hopefully a new solo album could be in the works. This new version of Flappin’ On A Hook is a total re-work and compared to the above version in that video, this is a total rock out recording. It was released by Tym Records which is an label started out of the very cool Queensland guitar shop who just started his own label a couple of years back. Some other of my fave Aussie acts seem to be pop up on it lately but this seem the first time I’ve blogged about it, got something and maybe will not be the last time too. I don’t normally got on to talk about a label but that’s really great. Now I’m linking were you to can order this vinyl, it’s limited to 150 copy’s and I got number 88 too. Or just check out everything done by Tym Records here.

Now if you need a little more reasons to buy vinyl from Australia the B-Side is a cover, remember when B-Sides was covers? It was the done thing back in 80’s/90’s, almost very act releasing a single would have B-Side cover on the flip-side. Anyway here Joel and Chris Altmann on lap steel do an epic version of Withered & Died originally by Richard & Linda Thompson from their classic album I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight. Need one more reason? Did I say? Joel’s backing band on that new rock version of Flappin’ On A Hook has The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard on bass-sounding guitar and bv with ex-The Drones Mike Noga on drums and bv so a bit of a mini reunion for the two here with Silbersher. All three can rock the fuck out, you know?

The 7″ vinyl artwork by Cathy Stephens for Joel’s new-ish recordings from last year.

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